Digital professions: 2500 young people were trained, including 600 in Guédiawaye

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Communications, in partnership with the Center for Marketing Solutions, launched on Friday 15 July the Dakar phase of free training for 2,500 young people in Guédiawaye, which registered 600. This training will cover 7 days, and will be followed by support for integration or business creation. The provinces of Dakar, Bikin, Ruvsk and Kor-Massar will follow.

After the first phase in Thies approved with the funding of several youth economic interest groups, the Ministry of Digital Economy and Communications (MENT) and its partners started the second phase of training young people in digital professions on Friday, in Guédiawaye, “in accordance with the instructions of the President of the Republic to better support young people, Our ministry has embarked on training to empower and empower our youth. We have chosen to start with Guédiawaye, given the digital infrastructure available, but also the support of the administrative and political authorities,” said Minister Yankhoba Diatara. 2500 young people are targeted in the Dakar region with an average of 500 learners per department (Dakar, Guédiawaye, Pikine, Keur Massar and Rufisque). “We have selected 600 young people for the first stage. Digital is at the heart of our economic and social activities. Young people deserve greater attention,” Minister Diatara said.

Community Manager, Digital Marketing, E-Audiovisual, Telepilot Drone, Cyber ​​Security, Web Developer, Learning Management System are, among others, modules that have been developed in relation to the global context, according to Nana Mamadou Diakité, Youth Digital Training Coordinator professions. “We used the digital economy because with the digital system, you don’t need to have certain diplomas. We choose from Cfee to Ph.D.”, he defines.

After training, these young people will be supported in formalization at Gie or in business and 100 young people will be selected from among the best and will benefit from one-year diploma training scholarships. This training falls within the framework of strengthening SN2025, as directed by the Head of State, related to intensifying the implementation of youth policy priorities through transformation towards a digital society, social integration, economics and entrepreneurship.

Rosetta Mindy

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