Coinbase will temporarily suspend its affiliate program in the United States effective July 19.

Queen Piece It will close its affiliate marketing program in the United States on July 19, according to leaked emails. An email sent to the three creators cited market conditions and expectations for the rest of 2022 as the reason for the gap. Queen Piece She did not commit to a specific date, but said she would resume her affiliate program in 2023. However, prominent cryptocurrency experts have expressed concerns about the liquidity crunch.

Program comment overview

According to leaked business emails from the insideAnd the Queen Piece to the intention Suspension of its affiliate marketing program in the United States effective July 19th. According to one of the creators, before this update, some promoters claimed that the company had significantly reduced commission bonuses – up to 90%.

“We are sorry to inform you that Queen Piece It will temporarily close its affiliate program in the United States effective Tuesday, July 19. It was not an easy decision and it was not taken lightly, but given the conditions of the cryptocurrency market and the outlook for the remainder of 2022, Queen Piece Unable to continue to support incentivized traffic to its platform.

Meanwhile, the exchange stated that the program will resume next year. (2023)but He did not specify a specific date.

Bonus: Michael Barr, a former advisor to Ripple, becomes the Fed’s vice president of oversight.

A decision like a red flag

Cryptocurrency expert Ben Armstrongalso known as house boyArrow said Queen Piece It can cause problems. He advised subscribers to “be careful,” adding thatbankruptcy Queen Piece That would shake the market.

Affiliates can promote Queen Piece Including links in articles, creating new content and advertising on their websites. During the first three months of entering the program, the affiliate earns 50% Referral trading commission Queen Piece.

Queen Piece Winter is affected by encryption

In early June, CEO Queen PieceAnd the Brian Armstrong announced layoffs of 18% of workersor approximately 1,100 employees. Actions Queen Piece (corner) It is currently down more than 78.57% since the beginning of the year in Nasdaq. Last month, the company almost removed 18% or more than 1,000 employees amid market pressures.

On the other hand, Queen Piece It can also go down in the rankingR, according to a Bloomberg report published on July 15. Last year, the cryptocurrency exchange ranked 4th and currently ranks 14th. In addition, the cryptocurrency exchange also has Reduces commission rates for influencers Using the exchange’s affiliate marketing program in June.

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