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Salt Lake CityAnd the July 18 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Bitt, the world’s leading central bank digital currency (MNBC) and stablecoin platform provider, has welcomed the award-winning Central Bank Digital Currency team of Criteo, another major player in the industry. The founders of Criteo MNBC bring strategic expertise and solid relationships to Bitt’s global development and expansion efforts.

Jim Shen, a technology entrepreneur, academic, and former US government official with a long history in public service and foreign affairs, will join Pitt as CEO and economist.

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Eric Bethell, a global multi-lingual financial expert with extensive senior management experience in the private and public sectors in the United States, Latin America and China, will take over as the new CEO of Business Development at Bitt.

Brian Popilka, CEO of Bitt, said: “As major global players with extensive knowledge of the multifaceted industry, Jim and Erik’s expertise will cement Bitt’s position as the undisputed leader in MNBC’s international space. The Criteo team joins Bitt at an exciting time in expansion. The rapid pace of the MNBC industry around the world. »

After winning the Global Central Bank Digital Currency Challenge of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the Criteo team has successfully mobilized more than 12 central banks in Latin America and Africa, Europe and in Central Asia to promote central bank digital currency programs. “As Criteo refocuses on its core e-commerce business, we now have the opportunity to fulfill MNBC commitments using the market-leading Bitt cryptocurrency management platform,” explained Jim Shen, co-founder of Criteo’s MNBC segment.

Eric Bethell added: “Bitt has proven to be the most advanced competitor we have encountered in all of our market engagements. Bitt has a solid reputation as a leading provider of powerful MNBC platforms, with a complete product line and live deployments on a variety of robust ledger platforms.”

Bitt’s Cryptocurrency Management System is the technology behind most of MNBC’s direct deployments in the global retail industry. Among its many distinguishing features are the interoperability of Bitt’s cryptocurrency management system with leading transaction networks, legacy financial system infrastructures, and existing funds of AML compliance and payment service providers. Central banks benefit from Bitt’s longstanding experience in the digital currency space, which has been developing digital currency solutions since 2014. Bitt has built relationships with an impressive list of associate partners and associations, enhancing the digital currency experience for everyone within the country. financial ecosystem. Bitt’s current leadership has a proven track record of deploying cryptocurrencies in Africa, North and Central America, the Caribbean, and the Caribbean. Europe. The addition of Jim and Eric cements Bitt’s position as a global leader in digital currency and expands the company’s client base in central banks and financial institutions.

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