Ad-supported subscription will be co-produced with Microsoft

US giant Microsoft has become a technology and business partner of Netflix for the streaming platform’s new discounted subscription.

Despite discussions with Comcast and Google, Netflix Finally selected Microsoft To manage his new subscription ads. A surprising link, but far from trivial because Redmond doesn’t have any video service that rivals Netflix like YouTube or Peacock, and the owner of Xandr has, since the end of last year, been a niche in the connected TV ad market. Note that Microsoft’s ad buying solution, specifically the Microsoft Audience Network, which includes PromoteIQ solutions for retail and the Microsoft Customer Experience platform for marketers, forms the backbone of Microsoft’s digital advertising platform.

Marketers who turn to Microsoft for their advertising needs will be able to reach the Netflix audience and premium Connected TV inventory. All ads shown on Netflix will be available exclusively on our platform. This ad also supports our vision of privacy based on protecting customer information.said Mikhail Barakhin, Head of Web Experiences at Microsoft. “We’re excited to bring new premium value to our ecosystem of marketers and partners while helping Netflix offer more choices to its customers.Greg Peters, Director of Operations and Chief Product Officer at Netflix added:Microsoft has the ability to support all of our advertising needs as we build this new offering. Above all, Microsoft offers great flexibility that allows us to innovate over time, both from a technological and business standpoint, and has important measures in place to protect our subscribers’ privacy. The project is in its early stages and we still have a lot of work to do. But our long-term goal is clear, we want to offer customers more choices and offer advertisers a premium experience, and more quality than linear TV.

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