Niger: In the face of digital, the job is reinventing itself for the continuity of public service

#other countries : In the face of globalization and the development of digital technology, Niger Post had to find a second wind to sustain its activities and continue carrying out its mission. To achieve this, several services have been developed.

A public service specialized in handling and transporting mail, the post office has played an essential role in the lives of citizens. I conveyed the emotion through remittances issued by parents to their children attending boarding schools or even sending a postcard or letter to a loved one, friend, brother or relative. Anyone who receives mail by mail is considered unique and impressive.

Before the 1990s, when I was a student in Côte d’Ivoire, I received my letters in the mail. And when I wanted to call Niger, I went to the post office. Sama Tnemon, a bank employee in Niamey remembers, even when I don’t have any money, I can call the recipient who pays for it.

With globalization, the emergence of new services and the development of new information and communication technologies, the post office in Niger has been through hard times. She who played a very important role for the citizen lost her luster yesterday.

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To sustain itself and continue to exist, the institution had to reinvent itself. To do this, innovation was its first weapon, by developing new services and improving old ones with digital support.

We have developed five categories of services to respond not only to market needs but also to the development of new information and communication technologies. I can cite post-logistics, classic mail, premium mail, postal transfer, and checking accounts, explains Guruza Razak, Marketing Director of Niger Post.

Today, postal networks can be considered as catalysts for development. In Niger, for example, the salaries of most contract teachers are paid through the post office throughout the national territory. “Today with the post office, on my phone, I can find out everything I can collect as savings and I think it is a good thing,” says Sabio Abdelkaderi, a teacher.

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Nigerian Post also offers many other products and services. These include parcel delivery, online shopping and bill payments. Thus, the postal sector constitutes a basic infrastructure that facilitates the work of the national and even global economy.

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