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This 144th issue of La Lettre Pro de la Radio is the last of the 2021-2022 season. Julia Martin, who will accompany franceinfo listeners this summer, is on the front page of the only monthly newspaper dedicated to radio and digital audio news.

DAB+ follows its own roadmap
FM time is running out in mainland France as DAB+ continues to be published. Despite the Covid crisis, its development remains dynamic, with around 42% of the national population covered and 26 allocations underway or planned by the end of 2022. An update with Herve Godichot, Head of Digital Radio and Audio operating Arcom Group .

Julia Martin awakens the child inside of us
For the second summer in a row, personalities from all walks of life trust Julia Martin’s microphone on franceinfo with the phrase “I’m 10”. Back on the radio, the host introduces new guests to their childhood perspective, every Saturday and Sunday at 8:50 a.m., 12:24 p.m., and 4:50 p.m.

This summer, make your listeners dance
Definitely “summer will be hot”. And not just “in T-shirts and swimsuits,” as Eric Chardin sang mid-disco in 1979. “La Lambada” or even “La Macarena” took over the summertime period with colorful notes and sunny choreography. But they took the lead in the pavilion … For two decades, it is clear that there is no longer just one, but several summer hits. The nicknames that mark the season with long sunsets…an overview.

The challenges of the musical season 22-23 for Radio France
The development of the musical season in Radio France, a permanent balance between the four musical formations of the house, has a primary objective of technical requirements. The priority of Michel Aurier, Director of Music and Creativity at Radio France since 2016, is to present public original programs with the support of international soloists, covering a repertoire of several centuries.

Éditions Radio France perpetuates the sound
For over 15 years, Éditions Radio France has helped promote all public service stations by co-publishing books, recordings and games allowing the radio experience to continue and reach new audiences. With nearly 40 books published every year: in all formats (comedies, toy boxes, magazines, children’s albums, etc.), various topics, contribute greatly to the popularity of the programs and remain part of the dissemination of the inseparable spirit of public service from the antenna …

WIRE is always listening to local media
Building on its three previous editions, the local Festival of Colours will present its fourth edition from September 21-23 in Nantes. Little by little, the event is taking its place with its position at the crossroads of decision makers, managers, those responsible for innovation and marketing as well as the editorial staff of all the local media.

DBCT Consulting Basics
From long ad tunnels to a 20-second talk, the consulting duo chart a relentless assessment of audience erosion and react to the new challenges rocking our broadcast media: image, digital sound, and platforms. For radio to remain mandatory, it must quickly refocus its essentials. For our readers, Cyril Tarin and Dominique Boron imagined a radio station where the human being is at the center of the programme…

Summer Networks: Radios Take Out Their Umbrellas
It is the first summer after Covid, without masks and with the heat wave threatening several regions in France. In the broadcasting offices, the holidays have not yet come. Summer schedules are an important resource for the public. It is therefore necessary to take advantage of listeners who are likely to be loyal to the beginning of the school year.

SwissRadioDay, the meeting place of radio in Switzerland
On August 25, Kaufleuten in Zurich will host, as every year, the main meeting of the Swiss radio industry. Since 1999, at the end of August each year, Zurich, the economic capital of Switzerland, has been the meeting place of the Swiss radio industry. SwissRadioDay is an unmissable event, a place for discussion, innovation and exchange among professionals in the sector.

“The podcast responded to the desire to embody diplomacy”
At the beginning of May, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs launched its first podcast: Sources Diplomatiques. Audio archives, decoders and testimonies, this podcast infiltrates the corridors of the Quai d’Orsay and reveals exclusive diplomatic sources. The first, which adheres to the ministry’s ambition to make its mission known to citizens. Interview with Spokesperson, Communications and Press Director Ann Claire Legendre.

Geoffrey Duvik Updates Domestic Marketing
Joffrey Dovich arrived in the world of radio just a year ago to take over the commercial management of Media Force, an advertising agency for Magnum Radio in Contrexéville, Grand Est. His method is exemplary, combining rigor, technique, creativity, efficiency and human values. Joffrey explains that with a high level of professionalism, local radio marketing holds great potential for growth.

And also…

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