The launch of My Sablaise Boutique

Les Sables Dolon Fendi. Online Stores: Launching “Ma Boutique Sablaise”

In recent years, more and more French people have been tempted to buy local products online. The health crisis has accelerated this trend. In 2021, 41.8 million online shoppers spent $129.1 billion purchasing products and services online.
Short circuits and the desire to reduce their environmental footprint are now strong arguments for consumers.

Agglo des Sables d’Olonne has just created an online service platform in collaboration with OCA (Office of Trade and Crafts) and SEM Les Sables d’Olonne Development: My Supplies Boutique.

This has just been launched, and there are 3,000 products already online (134 categories and 19 types of merchants located in downtown Les Sables, in shopping malls, covered markets or city centers on Isle of Dolon, Sainte-Foy, Saint-Mathurin or Vairé) .

100 traders They opened their virtual store on my sand shop.
– 67 from downtown Les Sables d’Olonne
– 23 from Olonne-sur-Mer
– 7 district of Château d’Olonne
– 3 ancient coastal communes of Agglo.

Aggo is:
1,000 employer establishments – including 200 bars and restaurants – that generate 3,000 jobs.

For merchants, the cost is €100 excluding taxes + 8% commission on sales to cover bank and delivery charges.
Membership with ARG Solutions: Tel. 06 73 43 92 22
[email protected]

Several features are available:
– Selection of seafood • Local produce • Everything for BBQ • Home and garden

My Sablaise – July 13, 2022 – Les Sables-d’Olonne Vendée

– Order and pay online, with delivery (Click and Collect – Group Shopping Direct from the Merchant – Available).
– Home delivery in 5 municipalities of Agglo (6.90€ per trip).
Delivery service operates from Tuesday to Saturday in one of 3 time periods to choose from:
From 4 to 6 pm / from 5 to 7 pm / from 6 to 8 pm.
Please note: To ensure next-day delivery of your order, it must be validated before 1pm.
Payment: Even if you buy from 6 different merchants, You create one basket, pay at once and receive all your products at the same time.
The minimum order is 20 euros.

backstage side
Deliveries are made Thanks to the truck equipped with plates eutectic (chilled).
Eventually, a cargo bike will be used for delivery in downtown Les Sables.

Operation cost: 436,500 EUR (more than 3 years).
To implement this project, the conglomerate was able to count on aid from:
– Pays de la Loire: 52500 EUR
State through the Land Bank: 20,000 euros.
The remaining 364,000 euros was funded by Les Sables d’Olonne Agglomeration.

The digital solution was implemented by ARG Solutions. This company was selected after tendering, and was given a dual mission:
– Create an online selling website,
Assisting traders in dealing with the new tool by providing them with tips and instructions.
– Organizing a marketing campaign.


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