Launch of an app “for customers in a hurry” in the bars and restaurants of Strasbourg

Who has never been patient to wait for the bill for endless minutes when they were in a hurry, waiting elsewhere, or had a date at the next bar? To deal with this kind of situation, some organizations have chosen to create an entirely new system: table-to-phone payments. For now, Blue Flamingo is the first to adopt it, but Strasbourg’s other bars and restaurants should soon follow.

The device has already been launched in other cities since the end of 2021, But he just landed in Strasbourg. Behind this new payment solution is Addition: it offers Strasbourg institutions the opportunity to equip themselves with this digital tool, which aims to simplify the lives of servers and customers.

The basic idea was to simplify and Facilitating payment time for restaurants, which is generally a point of friction or a time when some customers are waiting and getting angry. Today, we are able to equip all representatives, from the small food truck, to the large brewery through the big chains.“explains Mathilde Le Hare, Marketing Director. According to her, a large part of foreign customers such as Swiss and Germans are already accustomed to using this type of payment.

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How it works ?

At Blue Flamingo, Sarah has just set up the device. Once placed, customers of the brasserie or restaurant receive their orders as well Their notes have a small QR code on them. By scanning it with their phone, they can access directly Table payment interface that summarizes all consumed products.

Customers can then choose the products, how much they want to pay, or split the bill. Then just enter your bank details. At Blue Flamingo, the team offers this option to customers seated in the bar area, but also to those in the restaurant at lunchtime. “If there is a table of 12 friends and they want to pass the time and see who took what, this is useful. Everyone can pay what they ordered, everyone can pay a set amount or they can split the bill by 12, it’s totally free.Sarah, the foundation’s director, explains.

The device also allows Tipping By choosing an amount or entering a free amount:It is true that we work in the field of services where we do our best to please people. So tipping is always a pleasure.“Of course, it is also possible to choose not to leave anything out.

Reduce customer frustration and save time during service

In serving food, while serving, every second, every gesture that can be memorized counts. It frees us to do other things. We welcome all the little things we’ve managed to put together to save you time. We, for example, always try to collect customers as quickly as possible, but we have to respect the priority order. Ice cream waiting in the fridge and at risk of thawing takes precedence over those who want to pay.“Sarah admits. For the manager, these precious minutes will allow every member of the team to do so Focus more on customers and provide better quality of service.

And for customers, the device has many advantages. Many people are in a hurry, especially during their lunch break. Sometimes others get stuck trying to calculate everyone’s participation using their phone’s calculator. And the latter often turns around with an extra drink that is forgotten!Sarah smiled.

Pay the bill on the table
On the part of the team, the program indicates when the table is settled or not.
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She adds:We also have the phenomenon of people wanting to pay at the bar and get up from their table. But at the bar, he’s the bartender and usually doesn’t have time to take care of the group.” For those customers who are tired of waiting at their table, all of them So the bill can be paid in advance. If the meal or evening continues, everyone around the table can also see the updated bill amount and so on Ensure that it does not exceed its budget.

naturally, Paying remains on the table an option Customers can refuse it completely. Some people who are not comfortable with smartphones and technology prefer to be accompanied by a server for payment. Customers who want to pay cash also. But according to Sarah, a good number of Strasbourgians and Strasbourgians will take their place in a year or two.

More information on the add-on site!

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