Julius projectors light up the world

At the forefront of technology, this equipment made at Oise lights up the greatest opera houses on the planet, the biggest stages, and has managed to adapt to digital transformation.

Robert Goliath projectors have made a name for themselves in the arts and entertainment world over the years. This is off limits as it is 60% sold internationally: USA, China, Japan, Australia, Germany… It lights up the world’s greatest opera houses (Sydney, Tokyo…), Cirque du Soleil in Vegas; performances of the greatest artists (Madonna, Johnny Hallyday, etc.); TV sets, including the TF1 newscast; And even lit the opening and closing ceremonies of the last Tokyo Olympics!

We produce almost all projectors here

For CEO, François Goliath, this reputation owes not to any coincidence because this family business cultivates excellence in the manufacturing of its products, having specialized specifically in the following projectors. After studying commerce, marketing and professional residency in the United States, François Goliath joined the family’s factory in 1996, before taking over as general manager in 2008.

“Through our R&D department, we have developed more energy efficient products, particularly on the basis of LEDs that are getting more powerful. One of our strengths is that, apart from LEDs (produced in Asia), we produce entire projectors Almost here, on a short circuit, in Fresnoy, from cutting sheet metal to electronic assembly, including painting. On average, we make 6000-8000 projectors a year, and the most expensive model of them, Lancelot, costs 20,000 euros. This also earned us awards at the Elysee last year (the only ones in the Oise!) as part of the second edition of Made in France.The director explains.

Know-how and remote work

If Robert Goliath’s projector, like all activities related to the entertainment world, has suffered a lot from the pandemic over the past two years, with an estimated 30% drop in activity, but fortunately has since recovered, the company and its 60 employees have managed to survive. Life in particular thanks to digital transformation.

“We were able to employ about a quarter of our employees in remote work, including the R&D department. I would like to point out that we mainly employ local workers, whose experience contributes greatly to our success at the international level, moreover they are proud when they see the products they have made On television., at major shows. We had to learn how to operate differently, including video conferencing, and despite the apparent low activity during this period, our management and sales system was able to continue. Our website is completely complete and related to professionals, distributors and resellers. We do not sell to individuals.concludes François Goliath, who was due to go to South Korea these days to win new markets and thus promote our Hauts-de-France a little more, at the other end of the planet.

In the beginning was the cinema

Robert Goliath began manufacturing projectors in Paris in 1919 for certain cinematic needs, and ran the company until 1972, when his son Jean Charles took over. CEO until 2008, Jean Charles established his company in Fresnoy-en-Thiel in 1986, in the communes of Téloise, to expand it to an area of ​​6000 square metres. His two sons have held the position since 2008, when the company turned more to new technologies. François became CEO and Frederic Director of Public Services.

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