How ‘Made in China’ phones get Africans talking

Chinese smartphone brands continue to attract young Africans with feature-rich models that are also helping to drive the continent’s digital transformation. With shows aimed at young people, manufacturers like Xiaomi, Huawei and Tecno have been praised for their models that can shoot HD videos and play games while making use of high-quality speakers.

(Photo / Xinhua)

According to Ramadan Hassan, Marketing Director of Xiaomi Kenya, since the company opened its first online store in Kenya in 2019, its products have taken root in the market. He noted that by opening online and offline stores, the company was able to increase the range of products it offers. Customers can now purchase TV boxes, smart switches, smart lights and a range of WiFi accessories, adding that the focus on innovation to meet diverse customer needs has fueled the brand’s growing popularity among young people.

The marketing director also mentioned that in the last month alone, Xiaomi launched more models in the East African market, especially 5G-enabled phones, noting that some products, such as the Xiaomi 12 series, are targeting the rise. The end of the market while others are dominated by entry and mid-range levels. He further noted that the average selling price of Xiaomi phones is up to 75% cheaper than competitors’ offers.

Kavins Adair, a Kenyan specialist in international relations, said Chinese companies in Africa are advancing because they are in line with the trends of young people. Young Africans yearn for technological connectivity and digital inclusion. Chinese companies such as Huawei and Xiaomi have become Africa’s key partners in modernizing the infrastructure related to digital connectivity,” he noted, adding that Chinese companies have been at the heart of Africa’s technological advancements with 5G technologies. He emphasized that this is very much appreciated by young Africans who are eager to Lower connection costs.

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