Love at First Sight for Bitcoin – The Lightning Network Tempts a Baseball Club

coding and sports – Many sports clubs, sporting events and other sports brands no longer exist First Attempts at NFT and Cryptocurrency. Some are developing their own range of non-fungible tokens, others are developing their own cryptocurrency (Fan Codes). In Australia, the baseball club Perth Heat It also intends to capitalize on the slow but gradual adoption of technologies in web 3. Evidenced by his love for the king of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin.

The Birth Heat welcomes a new player: the Litghtning Network

baseball club Perth Heat He is the biggest in the Australian League. Want to improve the experience of its members. With that, the club announced a partnership with caribou.

caribou It is the Bitcoin network infrastructure provider: lightning network. This agreement then allows the club to set up points of sale for the Lightning Network at the Empire Ballpark, the home of our all-star team.

This love at first sight is nothing new. Birth Hit was already professing its love for Bitcoin in November 2021. However, here it is, it is about developing point-of-sale for various goods and services payable in bitcoin, out of bounds via Lightning Network payments.

Burt Hit makes no secret of its love for Bitcoin – Source: Burt Hit

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Bitcoin adoption scores a point

Let’s not be naive. Many find their accounts in this association. The baseball club can expand the various services it offers to its members, but also open up to new clients from the world of cryptocurrency. And also the General Manager of Birth Heat, Stephen Nelkowski It intends to participate in its own way in the Bitcoin diaspora around the world:

“Bitcoin is the future of every sport – for fans, teams, players (…) We have already upgraded the team to Bitcoin standards internally, made merchandise sales and pay players via Bitcoin to avoid crossing costly, complex and time-consuming financial transactions. Now let’s roll out the benefits of Bitcoin to everyone wherever They looked.”

The baseball club initiative is part of a more advanced marketing approach, as it intends to take advantage of the transaction capabilities of the Lightning Network.

Despite the coded winter that is upon us, we must not forget Positive examples Who reminds us of that? Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency It is increasingly being adopted by companies who find their interest in new blockchain technologies. The The Lightning Network, the Bitcoin Network Here remains the Bitcoin symbol that continues to seduce more than one.

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