Alpian, Switzerland’s first private digital bank, named Belinda Bencic and Géraldine Fasnacht Honorary Directors of Inspiration

With a full banking license, Alpian plans to launch several collaborative projects with two Honorary Chief Inspiration Officers to promote the “Wealth Beyond Money” philosophy. One of these initiatives you will see Belinda Pensic and Géraldine Fasnacht contribute to, an educational platform recently launched to demystify investment, wealth and financial well-being.

“We’re excited Belinda and Geraldine share their thoughts on i-vest,” Says Roman BalzanAlpian Marketing Manager. “They make an invaluable contribution to societal and individual discourse that we hope to stimulate with the use of i-vest through their unique perspective on the topic of financial self-determination.”

The joint launch of the performance acceleration program is also scheduled for 2023. Belinda Pensic And Géraldine Fasnacht will put their expertise and experience at the service of searching, promoting and mentoring young talent throughout Switzerland.

“The financial world is a playground with its own rules. When athletes understand and accept this, they can put themselves in a better position to succeed long after they leave their careers in sports and athletics. Belinda PensicAlpian Honorary Director Inspiration. “As an athlete, I strongly believe in bringing financial education into the world of sport in a way that is empathetic, engaging, and ultimately meaningful. That’s why the Alpian team’s passion inspires me to facilitate access to financial support. As a strong entrepreneur, I believe we can work closely together to achieve this goal.” . »

Geraldine Wassnacht, Honorary Director of Inspiration at AlpianAnd the comments: “We are surrounded by an increasingly complex financial world. But does it have to be? The issues of technology, innovation, finance and investment concern everyone. So shouldn’t they be in a language that everyone can understand and apply to their lives? As a mother, I see an urgent need for organizations that champion this cause for the benefit of future generations. That’s why I’m drawn to Alpian’s vision of jargon-free financial literacy. Together, I believe we can do more to shape a culture that spreads financial knowledge to people new to finance and investing. After all, the financial world should fit into their lives, not the other way around, which I can Dealing with him personally.”

Schuyler Weiss to add: “The world of finance often forgets about the role of inspiration in finance. When people can see how finance, investing and finance apply to their lives and what matters to them, that is when the wealth journey goes beyond life.” Silver. We are honored to have Belinda share and Geraldine, two very successful people in their own right, our vision, values ​​and goals.I believe the possibilities to collaborate with them to inspire new communities are endless.

About Alpian SA
Alpian is a Swiss Fintech company incubated by REYL Intesa Sanpaolo and incorporated into October 2019. Alpian received a banking license from Swiss Financial Markets Supervisory Authority (FINMA) March 2022 and will become Swiss The first private digital bank.

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