▷ What social network should be used to promote your blog?

One day I got this message: “Hi Paul. I decided to start a blog about gardening. But I really don’t know where to start introducing myself. Articles? Instagram? Facebook? LinkedIn? Everyone? There are so many options! How do I do?”

This is a huge problem that many bloggers go through. In fact, when you start, you want to create accounts on all social networks.

train the trainers

And that’s normal: we’ve always been told we should be Everywhere.

The problem is that we are not necessarily Comfortable Everywhere.

And if we… it takes time!

So you have to solve this hellish dilemma: to be present everywhere (but less well, or to work 24 hours a day), or only in certain places (but without respecting the great instructions we have always received)?

What communication and promotion strategy should be developed?

This is what we will see today.

Always prioritize quality in creating your content

Your goal in creating your content is to attract prospects to your offer. You have to show them that you have real experience/skills to better support them.

So the best way is to produce high quality content for the following reasons:

  • It will really help your potential customers who will be more inclined to take out the credit card afterwards – we call it the reciprocity that Robert Cialdini talks about in his famous book (you’ll find it at the bottom of this article)
  • It will be more easily shared on social networks and will promote itself.

A qualitative approach is something I (almost always) tried to do. Plus, every time this content continues to do better in the long run and brings me qualified prospects, not tourists.

For example, my first video went viral that successfully made the hypersensitive brain work because it (1) fulfills a real need from my audience and (2) provides good information to meet it.

Like everyone else (including Beyoncé, your baker, and Elon Musk), you only have 24 hours in a day. However, producing quality content takes time. So you will have to make choices.

The question now is whether How to choose. There is no perfect answer, but here are a few things to guide you.

Bet on your advantages to choose a social network

Each platform has its own format: image, story, text, video, etc. You can’t be good everywhere. In addition, you necessarily have the format that you want / matches the most. This is where you should start.

Also think about the format that you enjoy and consume. You don’t run a sprint, you run a marathon. We’ll have to stick to the length, so you can go there with pleasure.

For example, if you are not comfortable with writing stories, don’t even try Instagram. You will quickly get disgusted and will not use your skills to the fullest.

👉🏻 When I started my Connect The Dots blog, I knew that I love creating websites and expressing myself in writing. So the “Blog” format came naturally and that’s how it started.

On the contrary, I am not a fan of social networks and I felt it quickly. I could not follow my Facebook page (which has been inactive for one year) or my Instagram account (which has since been deleted). I forced myself to do something I didn’t like, and wasted my time on what I liked: the blog (and the video afterwards).

In short, don’t strive to be good all over the place. Instead, aim to stand out in one place.

Or if you prefer animal metaphors: It’s better to be a king fish in a small pond than a mean fish in the ocean.

Red Ocean vs Blue Ocean: select a social network that is not too competitive

Think about the snowball effect to promote your blog

When you choose the platform to use, keep in mind that some of them will ask you for time regularly, and others only initially to turn on the device.

This is related to the age of the different content that you will be posting there. Below is the average lifespan of posts on different platforms:

Age of different publications on different social networks

Imagine that you are starting a blog and have a rhythm of one article per week. In a year, you will have 52 articles. These 52 elements will add value to each other. You will have 52 Google portals. Little by little your site will be seen as a great resource and your references will be better and better.

In fact, you are building your castle little by little. Each stone adds value to all the others.

Youtube, Pinterest and Blog Let You Build Your Castle

Blog, Youtube, and Pinterest enable this lever effect. This is not the case for other social networks.

After 24 hours (maximum), you become invisible again and must begin to possess again.

👉🏻 When I realized this, I just focused on Youtube, blog and Pinterest for CTD. And I can guarantee you that it works.

I haven’t posted anything for a year on Pinterest, but my old Pins are regularly picked up by others and posted on their own.

I haven’t posted anything on Youtube for 4 months but my channel keeps growing on its own because my old videos are always recommended.

Ditto for a blog that hasn’t had a real new article for 6 months. However, Google views and rankings are increasing every day.

In short, I worked a lot in the beginning, focusing on these three platforms. But today, thanks to the snowball effect, the blog runs on its own and continues to grow without me being asked to create new content. It leaves me a lot of time for other projects, such as Business Bacon.

Be unique in your editorial calendar

Distinguish yourself from your competitors.

This can be by going to another platform (if all of your competitors are on Instagram, don’t go there), or another format (everyone does the infographics? Do the interviews!).

Again, you have to provide quality (see #1) and different content to remember.

👉🏻 When I got to the HPI community, most of the content was very simple and light and visible from the outside (by “non-HPI”. I distinguished myself by doing scholarly promotion that brought back to my experience this different point of view allowing me to quickly recommend from Many psychologists accepted and retained my first readers.

What you have to do now

In short, there is no magic bullet for choosing a social network and promoting your blog. At least, there is no perfect solution that applies to everyone. So, it is up to you to introduce and test what we just saw in this article.

Don’t forget one thing: social networks should help you promote your blog. But they are not the ones who bring you the money. For this, you should prepare a separate monetization strategy.

To help you out, I’ve created a guide that summarizes the three main ways to monetize a blog, and how to set them up step by step.

I want to access the directory.

And if not, feel free to leave a comment. I will be glad to answer you.

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