The Cloud: OVHcloud and 3DS Outscale call on the EU not to succumb to pressure from US giants


In a letter co-signed by OVHcloud and 3DS Outscale, the EU’s cybersecurity agency is asked not to give an inch of the services’ European cybersecurity certification scheme Zipper.

Tension escalates in the European market for Zipper. Disturbed by the dominance of AWS, Microsoft and Google Cloud and their marketing based on “Zipper Confidence”, French players in the sector are coming to the fore to limit the damage. Indeed, OVHcloud and 3DS Outscale, a subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes, have jointly signed a letter to the European Union Agency for Cyber ​​Security (Enisa) (Enisa) to sound the alarm.

In the letter, which was initialed by about thirty companies and organizations, including Oodrive, Clever Cloud and Docaposte, the digital subsidiary of La Poste, Enisa is asked not to give up an inch of the European Service Cybersecurity Certification Scheme. Zipper (EUCS), which US players want to relax in order to maintain their growth in the European market.

A high level of certification is synonymous with sovereignty but…

This scheme should identify three levels of labels (Basic, Large and High) according to the degree of safety guaranteed by the solutions. Zipper. What worries OVHcloud and others is a possible last-minute reversal of the highest level that is supposed to meet the requirements of EU sovereignty. Because at the moment, this project seems to be on the right track because it is expected to be integrated “Standards that guarantee immunity from extraterritorial laws”. In concrete terms, suppliers wishing to obtain this label will have to demonstrate that it is impossible, both technically and legally, to transfer the data they host offshore.

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This ruling would be good news insofar as US companies must submit to the Cloud Computing Act. Since 2018, this federal law has allowed US authorities to enter data overseas from the moment it passes through suppliers from Uncle Sam’s country. However, US giants AWS, Microsoft and Google Cloud alone own 71% of the French cloud market and accounted for 80% of spending growth in France last year, a beautiful €400m cake shared by three, according to a study by Markess. by Exaegis.

AWS, Microsoft and Google Cloud, champions of lobbying and marketing

The transatlantic giants have realized that a high level of labeling can de facto disqualify them, and thus are pushing to develop the European Services Cybersecurity Certification Scheme in their favour. Zipper. In the face of intense pressure behind the scenes, representatives from the Old Continent, OVHcloud and 3DS Outscale, Enisa have stated that it is essential that the EU has a strict framework that guarantees absolute data protection. They go abroad, mainly to the United States. This warning reflects the concerns of European suppliers of Zipper, who did not appreciate that Enisa had postponed its meeting in order to endorse its recommendation on the European scheme to the European Commission. It is expected at the end of June, and will only be introduced in September.

In the eyes of OVHcloud and other French companies operating in this sector, this is a sign that AWS, Microsoft and Google Cloud are intensifying their efforts to weaken the European certification level. For the French players, there is no doubt about giving up more ground to their American rivals, who command 69% of the European market for cloud computing. At the level of European suppliers, who share crumbs, OVHcloud is in second place with a market share of 1%, behind Deutsche Telekom (2%).

The French national team is struggling to find its place against the North American giants. It is not a Google Cloud outreach campaign that presents itself asZipper à la française ”on the occasion of the official opening of its region of France at the end of June, which may lead to a calming of the situation. In addition, some large French groups have been tempted by this approach, such as Thales, which has created a joint venture in partnership with Google Cloud, with the aim of obtaining “Zipper Trust” launched by the French government in 2021.

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