Sprint Group takes over Fabrègue printing business to publish a unique offering in Europe

It’s a great catch for the Sprint group created in 2007 in the Paris region by Foad Rad. Six months ago, he became the majority shareholder of Faberge Press. Directors Emmanuel and Denis Faberge wanted to retire. This printing company with 250 employees and a turnover of 32 million, the French leader in the prescription printing market, has been in the family business since its inception in 1892.

Supplementary activities

“Faberg was one of our subcontractors,” says Fouad Rad, president of Sprint. “I met Dennis and Emmanuel in 2020 and a merger project was born between the Sprint group and their company. We quickly came to agreements about the synergies and complementarities that would be deployed. Faberge has the know-how and machines that we didn’t have at the time and on the contrary, Sprint was very advanced in printing.” Digitalization and digitization, which is what Faberge was lacking. So we set up a project together to perpetuate and modernize the company.”

For Fouad Rad, president of Sprint: “The group has become a kind of one-stop shop.” (Credits: Sprint Group)

The transfer took place in two phases, and the young director became a minority shareholder in January 2021 with the position of chairman and then majority. In the short term, the Sprint group will hold the entire capital. Its development strategy is based on the needs of its clients in print communications and marketing with the ambition to deliver a complete offering. To this end, Fouad Rad acquired several companies, starting with subcontractors.

“I bought the complementary and non-competitive boxes from 2018 so that the global collection display became a kind of one-stop shop”commented. “We have had some success by simplifying their purchases. Instead of having x printers, they come to us. We are the only ones in France and Europe to offer such a wide factory direct offer. The goal is to be in the industrial plan so that almost all of our products come out of our factories from In order to meet environmental standards and to achieve better efficiency.”

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Two million euros invested over three years

Faberge, the leader in the group, accounts for a third of the workforce (700 employees at the end of 2022) and the turnover is expected to exceed 100 million euros this year. A three-year €2 million investment program to modernize the site with the addition of a digital typography and packaging line has begun. An activity that started late, has been boosted since the recovery of the small and medium chain. “We rely on industrial efficiency that has been in place for more than a century”, continued. “We continue to recruit and replace departures and will develop new products.”

Print marketing (brochures, leaflets, brochures) is still a growing market, backed by Fabrègue’s packaging offering with local customers, in the food industry for example, for printing boxes and cases, not to mention prescriptions that have de Fabrègue, recognized and essential printer. “It will be digitized in the future, and it will be necessary to compensate for this loss of activity,” is projects. “Businesses always need to communicate in order to sell, they do less but better with beautiful brochures as well as digital communications.”

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