Maurice Vilancourt and the tremendous value of strategic marketing

Business Strategist and Marketing Executive for FoskerAnd the Maurice Vilancourt It is based on a leadership style that reinforces commitment. With more than 20 years of professional experience, especially with kyolis canada And the Sobes QuebecHe has developed expertise in multidisciplinary team management and organizational and marketing strategic planning.

His recent terms have led him to support companies in their organizational transformation and implementation of their strategic plan. Familiar with working in a context with strong numerical semantics and where decision-making is guided by data, Maurice Vilancourt It is a true industry standard. in 2018,Relationship Marketing Association (AMR) awarded him Person of the Year in Marketing.

Find out more about this marketing expert in this interview.

AMQ – What role should marketing play in organizations so that it can provide maximum strategic value?
Mauritius –
In addition to ensuring the development of management strategy, marketing must continually play a major role in shaping organizational strategy. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

In other words, rather than simply developing marketing strategies based on the strategic goals and deliverables dictated by the organization, marketing must participate from the outset, at the origin of organizational strategic thinking. Organizational strategy risks presenting major flaws if it does not adequately define market opportunities (consumer needs and potential by sector) and position the organization vis-à-vis competition in terms of positioning, differentiation, consumer perception and brand promise. Marketing is the perfect job to bring these items to the table.

In short, this strategic information must influence not only the marketing strategy but also the organizational strategy from which the strategic objectives and outputs flow. The introduction of upstream marketing will give a completely different focus, which will have an impact on the strategies of all divisions!

AMQ – How should marketing leaders act so that marketing takes this place in their organization?
Mauritius –
Getting a place at the organizational strategy discussion table does not happen overnight, it is clearly a long-term process. So I recommend that marketing managers take inspiration from this approach business case which they much prefer for their own marketing projects.

So we must make it our duty to provide the organization commercial issues Which presents the impact that different scenarios based on strategic marketing thinking can have on the organization. I think, among other things, of the previously discussed elements, such as consumer needs, potential by segment, brand perception and positioning, etc.

Everything is combined with a disruptive approach that challenges existing paradigms. Added to this is frequent cross-departmental engagement with all divisions and the DNA of marketing where decisions are backed by data and where the consumer is at the heart of decisions. It should never be considered that our executive peers clearly understand the value of strategic marketing inputs, so it is our duty to visualize, deliver, and explain.

AMQ – Can you share an example you’ve tried?
Mauritius – In one of my previous assignments, the marketing involvement in the organizational strategy discussion table made it possible to redirect the entire strategy and thus had an overly positive impact on outcomes.

By correctly identifying the market needs and bringing this element into the discussion from the start, we have finally re-branded to reach a new key target that we have identified with great potential. The change was drastic, moving from the goal of ‘old people’ to that of ‘young people’. Since we were in the transportation industry, this strategic decision involved changes in schedules, methods (operations and HR), customer service, customer experience, and even in investments (IT platforms and finance) and staffing (human resources).

If marketing is not involved in this way upstream, the marketing strategy will not be aligned with the organizational strategy or the strategies have been aligned, but completely unsuitable for improving results!

AMQ – In conclusion, tell us a little about your current state.
Mauritius – Today I am developing inside Fosker, the world leader in remote area monitoring via cellular cameras (without Wi-Fi or internet connection). We have users in more than 50 countries, and our annual turnover is more than $100 million, which is a growth of more than 400% over the past two years. The organization is ambitious, dynamic and full of talented people, I am fortunate to be a part of it! My job is to strategically position the brand and offer, and to develop a plan for growth. At the same time, I make sure to create an effective marketing system (teams, processes, tools, locations, projects, etc.), that delivers relevant experience and added value to consumers and achieves the goals of the organization.

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