ECE Bachelor: The Path to Excellence for Training in Digital Professions

Do you want to train in the digital professions, a thriving sector? Focus on the ECE Bachelor, a high-level diploma that offers three specialization options.

Bachelor ECE: What is it?

The undergraduate program at ECE aims to train digital experts for three years at three campuses: Paris, Lyon or Bordeaux.

Would you like to work as an engineer without necessarily pursuing a course focused on mathematics and physics? This bachelor’s degree meets your expectations by focusing lessons on learning computer science and new technologies.

Open to baccalaureate holders and students wishing to re-orient themselves, The Bachelor brings together a variety of student profiles. Even if the classic course consists of entering the first year of a bachelor’s degree immediately after obtaining the baccalaureate, it is possible, depending on the course and the level of each student, to enter directly into the second or third year.

Also, because orientation can quickly turn into a headache, it is not uncommon for some students to decide to change direction during their first year.

If you’re in this situation, don’t panic: To avoid having to wait until the next school year and missing out on a year, the Bachelor will stage an amazing academic year in March. To catch up with other students, the study program takes the form of an accelerated semester.

Bachelor of Apprenticeship: Vocational Accelerator

As an apprenticeship is an excellent starting point for maximizing one’s chances of entering the professional world, the Bachelor of ECE encourages students to share their time between teaching and professional experience. In addition to having a very strong resume at the end of your bachelor’s degree, the work-study program offers other benefits, such as:

  • Pay tuition fees.
  • Monthly stipend thanks to employee status.

What are the three majors for the ECE Bachelor of Business Administration?

During the first two years, students benefit from the core of shared learning. Of course, the majority of the courses taught are related to information technology (web development, networking and systems, cybersecurity, etc.). However, because professional success requires more than the acquisition of technical skills, the BSc emphasizes practice by:

  • concrete projects implemented as a team;
  • Discover training in companies (two months in the first year and four months in the second);
  • Entrepreneurship courses.

The third year is a crucial step in everyone’s orientation, as students must choose a major from among the following three majors: web and mobile development, business and digital data or cyber and network security.

The Web and Mobile Development major is an operational training that teaches students to master all stages of a mobile application’s life, from its design to its production.

It makes perfect sense that the courses taught focus on learning programming languages ​​(Java, PHP, etc.). Once the diploma is obtained, several professions can be accessed: web developer, front-end/back-end developer, web development manager, full stack developer.

Proving the quality of the courses offered, the major was ranked second by Eduniversal, the independent body responsible for rating higher education courses.

Realizing that big data is now considered a new industrial revolution, the BSc majored in Business and Digital Data.

This course, which is very popular in the labor market, equips students with knowledge in various fields: digital economy, programming, digital marketing, data analytics, etc.

Among the editorials, professions of application designer, business development manager, data analyst or business intelligence consultant stand out.

The quality of the educational content and the high level of the speakers also put the Bachelor of Business and Digital Data first in the Eduniversal Ranking in 2022.

Do you want to evolve in the mysterious universe of data protection?

The last possibility of specialization, but not the least, is the third year of the Bachelor of Cybersecurity and Networking, which includes training of experts in computer security.

With the increasing frequency of cyber attacks, cybersecurity professionals bear a huge responsibility: ensuring that confidential data of individuals, companies, and even more than that, government agencies are protected.

To accomplish this task, third-year students improve their knowledge of coding, web, system, and network security.

From a process integrator to a junior security engineer to a malware analyst or cyber security consultant, graduates can embrace many professional careers.

As mentioned Business and Digital Data, Eduniversal puts the cybersecurity specialty at number one in 2022!

Personal guidance assistance provided by ECE

Choosing the right school for your goals is a pivotal step for your future career. Thus, it is legitimate to ask many questions. To answer this, ECE accompanies every interested student through several tools:

  • 45-minute personal interview with a professional mentoring coach;
  • Open day to discover and discuss the building with students and teachers;
  • Campus visit: 1 hour private visit to discover the Paris, Bordeaux or Lyon campuses (registration required);
  • Thursday Info: A 100% online event organized by the ECE to answer all your questions.

It should be noted that admission procedures take place outside of Parcoursup, until September, directly on the ECE website. Like many schools, places are limited. It will therefore be necessary to go through a selection phase that includes an initial selection of files and a motivational interview.

Would you like to join the ranks of ECE to obtain a bachelor’s degree required in the labor market? So, submit your application to this institution, which ranks among the top 10 post-baccalaureate engineering schools!

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