Predictive analytics is the future of email marketing

Email marketing is a marketing strategy that has been around for twenty years. One might think that it is outdated but this is not the case because it allows companies to make a lot of profits.

Let’s take a look at what makes it such a profitable marketing tool and what are the main trends that will develop in 2019.

Why is email marketing necessary?

First of all, email marketing is a marketing tool that businesses prefer because it is very profitable. It generates a huge return on investment that is hard to ignore. Email marketing is easily accessible and is now recognized as the legitimate medium for professional communication.

It is used by about 4 billion people worldwide. With analytics tools, it’s easy to measure the results of your email marketing campaigns efforts and change them if necessary.

What are the trends for 2019?

The possibilities that email marketing offers to users are numerous. You can adapt the strategy according to your own inspiration or strategic planning. Despite everything, there are uses shared by the vast majority of users and here is a summary:

Design will be simplified

Many marketers want to be able to use both visually rich messaging and simple content messaging. It is difficult to open large images and keep users away from them. So emails should be redesigned from a simpler angle.

For attractive and elegant designs, visit Benchmark Email, for example, which offers an online “Email Designer” editing tool for creating marketing email formats.

More retail

As you probably know, segmentation has a huge impact on the overall success rate of your email marketing campaigns.

In 2019, the segmentation will be optimized to provide users with personalized content that meets their specific needs.

This will involve analyzing data and communicating with each subscriber taking into account the previous interactions that person has had with your company. While the classic division divides users into groups, the new model will treat each user individually.

know how to tell

This skill is important for generating positive impressions by email marketing. It’s up to you to write compelling stories that inspire your subscribers, and the goal is to create lasting content that encourages subscribers to buy.

Mobile Email Marketing

More than half of all emails are sent from smartphones. So it is natural to focus on improving mobile devices in 2019. Hence, to improve in this direction, photos and videos should not be used much. Instead, use responsive email templates, adopt a clear and readable layout, etc.

data protection

It is important to have high quality data protectionIt’s the only way to protect your professional reputation. Allowing users to opt out is no longer enough, you need to convince them that you are using the most advanced data protection model.

It is advised to keep subscribers informed of all security related news in a simple way so that they can feel confident “at home”.

Big trend: predictive analysis

With the advent of data science, it has become easier to perform predictive analysis and discover future trends using existing databases. Since you certainly manage a lot of historical data, you can exploit large amounts of information to determine the future needs of your target audience.

Predictive analytics doesn’t require huge amounts of dataOr sophisticated tools or expensive expertise. Anyone with an attractive email list is already in a good position to start.

So you can offer subscribers the right kind of content before they search for it.

Just one example: Barack Obama’s Campaign for America in 2012 used basic predictive analytics methods to improve messaging in emails and on its website. This campaign raised more than a billion dollars at the time! This is proof that predictive analytics can help you achieve your revenue goals.

How to proceed?

Are you already sending automated emails to your subscriber list? Take advantage of your existing process and experiment with different variations of your existing message to see what works best for your customer base.
Testing different forms of email is an effective way to provide you with new information that you can act upon.

Email marketing really has a bright future ahead of it and it’s a long way off. On the contrary, it can contribute to the smooth running of your business. You can also prepare for future trends and adopt the latest technology to achieve your goals. These strategies will allow you to grow your business and gain subscribers.

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