La Mesure, Grenoble’s new grocery store to see another for the most part

FOCUS – La Mesure opened its doors on May 13, 2022 at 2 rue de Strasbourg in Grenoble. An initiative to fight packaging that meets an environmental need, according to Nicholas Noir, owner of this grocery store. Between raw and artisanal produce, coffee and entertainment, indulge yourself in this new “laboratory” store.

“I am convinced that there is no other solution than volume to reduce packaging, but also waste”, believes Nicholas Noyer, manager of La Mesure grocery store. In fact, 2,900 parcels are disposed of every second in France. Single-use packaging has become one of the major environmental issues of our time.

Through his grocery store, Nicolas Noir accompanies his customers in the process of their transition to wholesale products. But “A few weeks after opening, I have not yet achieved the goals I set for myself”, he admitted. From this observation, the owner draws several interpretations. Inflationary context first. La Mesure isn’t the only shop on Strasbourg Street that had a rough start at the start of the school holidays.

“It’s not just me who doesn’t work. I open, it’s more difficult. But I am in a somewhat commercial street. Around me, there are people who have been there sometimes for thirty years and May was their worst month”, notes Nicholas Noir with regret. Inflation worries and pushes the French to consume less.

Opened on May 13, 2022, Nicolas Noir La Mesure is a grocery store specializing in wholesale. © Justin Raynaud – Grint Place

Polk also suffered the horrors of a health crisis. “After double-digit growth in 2019 and 2020, there was a sudden stop to Covid-19”, he explains. Finally, the facts of the request. Only 0.5% of the population today consumes bulk products on a regular basis.

But Nicholas Neuer is confident in his sector: “I think climate law and resilience would benefit us a lot.” A law passed on August 22, 2021 and its Article 11 stipulates that, by 1Verse January 2030, 20% of the sales space will be allocated to wholesale in stores of more than 400 square meters.

“The preconceived notion that the bulk is dirty”

With this niche, shelves gradually appeared a few years ago in supermarkets. Large and medium sized stores often find these spaces difficult to manage. Which led to something else, helping to germinate minds “The idea that the bulk is dirty, because in the supermarkets it is empty, it is dirty and some of it is on the floor”Sorry, Nicholas Neuer.

“Put a box of peas on the shelf and leave the customer independent, this is not the same job as running a silo to have to fill and clean daily with white alcohol vinegar or go to advise and serve the customer, Grocery manager confirms. And that’s not a judgment of value, it’s not just their business model at all. »

In his La Mesure grocery store, he installed state-of-the-art distribution silo systems. For fluids, pumps where people come to help themselves without leaving any drops. A method of distribution that has its liking: an instant feeling of cleanliness!

At wholesale grocery store La Mesure, plastic Vrabox containers are replacing traditional glass jars

Plastic Vrabox containers replace traditional glass jars. © Justin Raynaud – Grint Place

“I’m not a fan of the large, Rachel admits, she met in front of the grocery store. What bothers me the most is that I don’t have containers every time. I find it heavy. » For Rachel as for many others, bulk rhymes with glass containers.

A cliché rooted in the collective imagination against which Nicholas Neuer intends to fight. “There are always people attached to these jars. I have some in the store, but I invite people out. Don’t think plastic is a problem. It’s one when it finds itself in the oceans.”

The plastic containers offered by Nicolas Noires are developed and produced by Vrabox in Chambéry. Durable, recyclable bins made of BPA- and phthalate-free polypropylene, suitable for transporting and storing food.

Animation is at the heart of the project

among his clients? Few young people, especially those over the age of 35, women, and mothers. Reminds us of Nicolas Neuer: “Today to imagine that bulk and organic local produce is cheaper than mass distribution is to put a finger in the eye because it is not possible. But I would really like to open the bulk to as many people as possible.”

And to do that, he tries to find solutions Awareness, acculturation The audience. And so Nicholas Neuer organized a meeting in his shop on 1Verse June to explain how to shop in bulk. On June 15, an animation with the same theme was shown. “You have to be in pedagogy. And animation is a good solution, people can talk to each other.”

At the La Mesure wholesale grocery store in Grenoble, Nicolas Noir will soon offer a ready-made coffee that he roasts himself

Nicolas Noir will soon be serving his own roast coffee to take with him © Justine Reynaud – Place Gre’net

How do you make your household products and cosmetics? What do you do with coral lentils or quinoa? There are plenty of topics to tackle during the upcoming events to discover on her Facebook page.

Last but not least peculiarity: coffee roasting. Associated with the Brûlerie des Alpes, Nicolas Noir offers an impressive selection of teas and coffees, the coffee of the month. Soon, coffee to go. “It’s a unique point in the store, and it’s totally expected here because there is no coffee roaster in the area.”

shop “lab”

Prior to the La Mesure adventure, Nicolas Noir was a deputy managing director of a construction company. In this sector, he was able to work on issues of sustainable development and circular economy.

“I have been very frustrated in the last few years. I saw that the topic was not progressing, that there was a gap between good intentions and the practical reality on the ground. I wanted to see something else. Then comes the chance of confrontations, among other things, with the person who created Packtic [pla­te­forme et appli­ca­tion vrac pour les pro­fes­sion­nels et consom­ma­teurs de pro­duits sans embal­lage, ndlr]Which made me feel huge and say to myself: Why not open a store? »He says smiling.

La Mesure, Grenoble's new grocery store to see another for the most part.  Wholesale grocery store La Mesure offers cleaning products and cosmetics

Traceability and cleanliness: keys to a better customer experience. © Justin Raynaud – Grint Place

Nicholas Noir is actually a partner at the startup Grenoble that is developing a digital packaging application. At the heart of this is the issue of traceability. “We told ourselves it was absolutely necessary for the packaging to go away, but the information remains. We are working on the marketing logic [numé­rique]. The principle is to put QR codes so that people can find all the product information. »

Thus, the application, a real virtual shelf, will allow the consumer to find the product composition, batch number, allergens, purchase date and expiration. “I will see how people live with it. I am well aware that not all clients are obsessed. A balance has to be found.” La Mesure will be the first store in France to test it.

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