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Auchan doubles the impact of operations. Accompanied by the French subsidiary of Clark Influence Agency, born in 2017 in Montreal, The retail brand has indulged in influencer marketing for nearly a year. Stéphanie Jallet, Brand Director of Auchan France explains the genesis of this strategy: “Having defined Auchan’s new brand platform (“Auchan, gladly”) and its new communication area (“Good Taste of Life Begins Here”), we had to confirm this area in all of our media, whether in store, in print, or On digital networks – especially social networks. The effect came naturally to resonate with our new editorial line, thus simplifying the lives of clients.” The brand thus identifies distinct brands or “solid” products and then invites Clark Influence to imagine an impact strategy that complements its marketing actions on other touch points of the brand. “The agency is very creative and allows us to think outside the box.”Auchan France brand manager sneaks in.

Real Influencers 5% + Engagement

For version 2 of his cooking robot, Cuisio x Connect + V2, a product designed to “help beginners and hobbyists as well as culinary professionals,” so imagine Auchan and Clark Influence. Campaign #My1001RecipesWithCuisio. The principle: Three creators challenged a relative to make the same recipe with or without a robot (the influencer had to make it with the robot and its relatives the traditional way). And to prove, therefore, that Auchan’s robot cook is a “An ally to save time in the kitchen and respond to the challenge of healthy eating with original recipes”Says Vincent Bruner, co-founder of Clark Influence.

We have selected profiles that are ‘real life’, i.e. authentic and who, through their family values ​​and balanced way of life, are similar to Auchan clients”, Vincent Brunner explains. Another quantitative criterion: Find engagement rates of over 5%. The choice is also made to publish the campaign on Facebook and Instagram, the social networks in which Auchan is located. On Instagram, Clark Influence called Stephane Lubinac (@stephane.loubignac, 167k) and Elodie (elo_patisse, 129k) and on Facebook, influencer Le blog de Maman Plume (75k). The campaign took place in three phases: introductory to explain cooperation; Cooking Challenge and Robot Winning Contest.

The results exceeded the brand’s expectations. 810,000 people reached and over 1 million impressions achieved – out of a target 600,000 people. The participation rate is 12.82%, Vincent Brunner reveals, “When standards for food refer to numbers around 2.84% on Instagram”. “This process allows us to create a consideration for the product, i.e. work the top funnel”analyzes Stéphanie Jallet, who welcomes a virtuous circle with her Good product, good people and good mechanics.

A retail brand plans at least one impact campaign per month, on average, depending on its product releases or communication plan. Clark Influence is working for Auchan on other campaigns currently in production, such as “#EffetWaaooh” – promoting the Auchan loyalty card to students on TikTok – and promoting Qilive headphones on TikTok, to bounce back on the chain Weird thingsone of the trends of the social platform. “We always strive to match the reality of our customers”concludes Stephanie Gillette.

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