Sendinblue, the platform for managing your relationship with customers thanks to digital

With its platform dedicated to creating and distributing email campaigns, SMS campaigns or marketing automation, the French company Sendinblue has made a name for itself in the global ecosystem of digital solutions.

A platform designed for small and medium businesses and also adopted by large accounts

Tens of millions of emails are sent daily, by more than 300,000 users in 180 countries. These numbers are staggering and yet they well represent Sendinblue’s strength today. The French company that launched 10 years ago was also placed among the 20 startups to follow in 2016, by our magazine. Today, the company is one of the reference platforms when it comes to digital marketing, particularly via email campaigns, SMS campaigns or marketing automation.
A former web agency called Dual Technology, Sendinblue has built on its past to move into the future, by designing a solution that adapts to small and medium businesses. “These beginnings allowed us to open our eyes to a problem faced by many growing companies: most tools are designed for large companies and sold at a high price. Serving SMEs has been part of our DNA since the beginning as the company’s COO Olivier Legrand explains. All of our features, support, and pricing are made with that in mind. But today, this solution is also used by large companies that are known to everyone. “When large companies use small business tools, it means we have done our job well,” Oliver continues.

Extensive, customized and relevant marketing campaigns

If the Sendinblue platform is unanimous, regardless of company size, sector and location, it is because of its ability to deliver a large amount of emails during automated marketing campaigns to its customers. “The goal of our clients is to understand how to establish a personal relationship with customers through different digital channels, and to meet them at every stage of the customer journey,” said Olivier Legrand, COO of the company. Newsletters, emails, SMS, chat and even Facebook ads, the touch points offered by Sendinblue are numerous to allow their customers to connect with, interact with and convert their customers.
The platform allows its users to customize their marketing campaigns according to their customers and the data available to them. With specifically targeted lists, rules, content and channels, Sendinblue supports its customers in getting the right message to the right person at the right time, strict adherence to GDPR with accurate functionality and machine learning algorithms that detect suspicious uses of its solution. Based in Europe (Paris, Berlin, Sofia), India and across the Atlantic (Seattle and Toronto), Sendinblue and its international DNA have an unlimited playing field.

big ambitions

And this playing field is only growing. In fact, the expansion actually saw a big boost in 2019 when it acquired Newsletter2go, its German competitor that at the time had a large customer base. “Our goal is to continuously improve our services. This has been driven by several acquisitions that have been at the core of Sendinblue’s growth model,” Olivier declared. For example, CRM Sales MeetFox joined the group last March, while startups Metrilo and Chatra were acquired by and PushOwl in September 2021.
Sendinblue wants to democratize the tools used for CRM. To go beyond the product side, the company has launched Sendinblue Academy, a free, public-access course on email marketing practices and marketing automation, with tutorials and explainer videos. “There is a real learning effort to be made to demystify the complexity of automated marketing campaigns,” continues the COO of the expansion. Therefore, with modernity and a constant quest for innovation to offer the best to its customers, Sendinblue continues its development and continues to establish itself in France, Europe and around the world.

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