Pharmacy: digital at the service of pharmacies and patients

Posted on Jul 11, 2022, 7:00 AM

On the one hand, a website to send a prescription to your pharmacist, buy pharmacy products, or redeem your loyalty points … On the other hand, a non-physical concierge service, or even an application available on a smartphone, where pharmacies access customized solutions Them: planning management tools, elements of business operations, etc.

Both for the 500 pharmacies in its network, spread across the national territory, and for their customers and patients, Pharmavie has been part of a process of continuous improvement since its inception in 1988. “Our goal is to improve the patient journey and make life easier for pharmacies, which are all small and medium-sized enterprises managed by Independent Entrepreneurs,” explains Patrick Lebrancho, Director of Communications at Pharmamavi, specifying that members employ an average of about ten employees (up to 20 in some cases).

A platform to simplify management

As the career of these entrepreneurs, who are health professionals, continues to evolve, digital technology is emerging as a facilitator. Patrick Lebrancho summarizes, “What pharmacists lack is time: hence the deployment of solutions that allow them to walk faster to manage teams, patients or indirect purchases.”

What pharmacists lack is time: hence deploying solutions that allow them to go faster to manage teams, patients, or indirect purchases.

Patrick Lebrancho, Director of Communications, Pharmavi

Thus, the platform project focused on concierge services (CRM integration) saw the light of day faster than expected. It was initially planned to be put on track in the middle of 2020, and has been in operation since the start of the first booking. “It was then a matter of simplifying their access to counter-protective equipment, or beacon, for managing the Covid crisis,” notes Patrick Lebrancho.

While this platform referenced about sixty suppliers when it launched in March 2020, it now has more than 80 suppliers. Among them are publishers of schedule management solutions, such as Skello and Sivan.

Simplify relationships with laboratories

But Farmavi, which employs about fifty people in its head office in Ivry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne), is gradually expanding its service offerings to include pharmacies. For example, Yoobic’s solution, which can be accessed from a smartphone, was created to simplify the relationship with laboratories, particularly in business process management, while providing rack heads and other marketing materials.

“The goal is to give pharmacists time so they can focus on their primary work: patient support,” summarizes Patrick Lebrancho. “Digital technology is essential, at a time when professionals have to manage each of the new activities, such as vaccination, while dealers remain,” a Pharmaavi spokesperson added.

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