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As a brand, you want to create maximum value for your customers, by providing them with the information they need and being where they are. Email marketing is becoming increasingly popular. Various sources share some interesting email marketing statistics:

89 % des spécialistes du marketing utilisent l'e-mail comme principal canal pour générer des prospects. 
Les e-mails de marketing et de publicité influencent la décision d'achat de 50,7 % des clients.
52 % des personnes interrogées ont déclaré que l'e-mail était leur principal outil de communication.

Why is Gmail not receiving emails?

Indicators for measurement

Now that we’ve established that email marketing is important, what are some important metrics to consider as a brand? Answer: Open rate and CTR. Let’s see this in the form:

Open Rate = Unique Opens / (Number of Emails Sent – Emails Bounce)


Nombre de courriels envoyés = Total des courriels envoyés
Ouverture unique = Nombre de destinataires distincts qui ont ouvert votre courriel.
Courriels rebondis = Courriels non livrés.

CTR is the number of clicks your links receive in the body of an email. Mathematically, it is calculated as: clicks / impressions.

Most of the direct mail tools I use provide these metrics along with metrics like unique slots, devices opened, browsers viewed, clicks, bounce rate, and more.

Things to keep in mind to increase open rates

Professional email address: If you are a brand that wants to communicate with their customers, it is imperative that you use a professional email service. A professional email address allows you to have mailing addresses in your company name. for example [email protected] where [email protected] Why is this important?

Cela crée une confiance parmi vos clients concernant la source de l'e-mail
Vous êtes moins susceptible d'être marqué comme spam
Cela augmente votre taux d'ouverture
C'est professionnel 

Subject line: The subject line is probably the first thing your customers notice when they see your message. Make sure it’s clear, catchy, and not a click-bait. Your subject line should simply be an indication of what to expect from the email. Avoid short forms, special characters, hard-to-read lines, capital letters, and excessive use of emoji. Also avoid using words like “faster” or “click here”. Check out the full list here.

Preview text: Preview text is the text following the subject line. It adds an extra dimension to the object, while conveying meaning or a message. Avoid the temptation to be lazy and leave the text blank. The text can be what convinces the customer to open the email. This is an example.

Response: According to Hubspot,

Les ouvertures sur mobile représentent 46 % de toutes les ouvertures d'e-mails.
35 % des professionnels consultent leurs e-mails sur un appareil mobile.

Mobile response is essential for your emails. Lack of response leads to poor user experience and a high bounce rate, which leads to fewer clicks and fewer customers.

Design and Content: A minimal design with a clear call to action and clear content is the keys to a good email and also has a high recall value. With your own content and design, you can:

Engager le dialogue avec le client
L'inciter à faire un achat
Transmettre des informations importantes sur la marque
Fournir les informations qu'il recherche

And much more!

Make sure your messages are clear, jargon-free and easy to understand.

Attachment Size Limit: Although servers have a 50MB limit on the attachment size of emails sent via SMTP and webmail, it is best not to exceed 35MB. There are several reasons for doing this:

    Votre courriel est encodé en MIME, ce qui peut augmenter la taille du courriel de 40 %. Cela signifie qu'un fichier de 35 Mo est l'équivalent de 50 Mo d'espace lorsqu'il est codé MIME pour être envoyé en tant que pièce jointe.

Luttez contre les limites imposées par votre client de messagerie aux pièces jointes.

Faites face aux limites du serveur du destinataire (par exemple, Yahoo ! et ont tous une limite de 25 Mo. Gmail a une limite de 50 Mo). Par défaut, Microsoft Outlook 2013 et les versions ultérieures ont une limite de pièces jointes de 20 Mo. Voici comment vous pouvez passer outre cette limite de pièces jointes dans Outlook.

Évitez que votre message soit rejeté en raison d'un manque d'espace libre dans la boîte aux lettres électronique du destinataire (si sa boîte aux lettres est pleine, votre message sera rejeté).

If you need to send larger files, it is recommended that you upload the file to your account and then email a link to the file.

Test your email: Finally, test your message by sending it to yourself first. See how it looks in your inbox, on your mobile phone, if all attachments and links are open, whether the subject line and preview text look good, and more. This step may seem trivial, but it can make or break customers’ impression of your brand. Good mail may be appreciated, but bad mail is sure to stay in your customers’ minds.

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