Hamak Agency offers a week of remote work in the south

Hamak Agency in the Dominican Republic (courtesy)

11 July 2022

Companies are becoming more and more innovative to offer an attractive and motivating work environment for their employees. Digital marketing agency Hamak, based in Plateau in Montreal, shares this trend by choosing to organize a week of remote work in the Dominican Republic, team building and sandy beaches. Response.

As a pioneer in this type of project, Hamak had already organized a first business trip to Costa Rica, before the pandemic. But Myriam Desforges, Hamak’s head of talent acquisition and culture, says the team was too small. This time, the offer was made to about 25 employees of the agency and all of them were accepted, even those with families.

We have planned two return dates; People who couldn’t stay for the full 7 days can leave after 4 days, the HR manager explains. Also, the trip was first planned last December, and was postponed to April, so everyone had time to update their passports. »

team crap (courtesy)

The team took up residence in the small town of Gaspar Hernandez in the north of the island that has access to sandy beaches “as far as the eye can see”. Hamak set up his headquarters in a villa he discovered on Airbnb, a place that allows him to work “poolside or under the shelter of palm trees,” between two surf and beach volleyball courses. dream what!

The goal of the trip was to strengthen relationships, meet new recruits in person and refresh with new ideas, explains Myriam Desforge. There are people who were employed during the pandemic that we haven’t had the opportunity to get to know in this social context. »

Can you really work in front of the sea, surrounded by your colleagues sending balloons to each other or returning from swimming? Head of Talent Acquisition and Culture answers yes, a little…

The agency made sure to strengthen the WiFi connection of the villa, which was completely phased out. In the end, the digital marketing team was able to squeeze in two to three working days, interspersed with a weekend and day off dedicated to team building activity, where employees went on a catamaran trip, the “highlight” of a busy week.

Create connections that go beyond work

Personally, by doing so, I realize how beneficial this experience is, says Myriam Desforges. On a daily basis, some people rarely work together; This type of activity allows people to get to know each other in a different light. After that, it helps in terms of communication and team spirit. »

Since the health measures ended, the agency has given its employees the choice to work face-to-face or remotely. Interestingly, Myriam Desphores notes that attendance at the office has increased since the flight. Dozens of employees find their way into the new “open spaces” building on Rue des Pins. This is more than interesting ramifications!

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