Gabon: Launch of the Airtel Lessons Digitization Project in Natum

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On Monday, July 11, 2022, Lentum I Public School in Como Munda County in Estuer County served as the framework for the launch of a project to digitize teaching in primary education. A joint initiative between Airtel Gabon and UNICEF that aims to reduce the digital divide across the region by integrating a new education model aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.

The ceremony was held in the presence of a number of officials. In particular, the Minister of National Education, Camelia Ntotum Leclerc, the Minister of Vocational Training, Raphael Ngazouz, the Minister of the Digital Economy, Jean-Pierre Dukaga Casa, the local administrative authorities, as well as Sylvus Mfy Abisoulou, Marketing Director of Airtel Gabon, UNICEF Resident Representative in Gabon, Noel Mary Zagre and Bernadette Abing Sully, Principal of the Public School at Ntum 1.

With the aim of promoting the digitization of teaching in primary education, as recommended by the Government of the Republic, and finally in the framework of an enduring interest in facilitating the daily lives of learners, Airtel Money and UNICEF signed an agreement on Monday 11 July 2022. An innovative partnership that will allow learners to benefit from digital learning including In line with the sustainable development goals.

Speaking, Sylvus Mvi Abisolo, Airtel Gabon’s Marketing Director, did not fail to stress the importance of this programme. ” In the face of educational, cultural and social disparities, digital technology is a solution to equal opportunity in school. Facilitates inclusion of children with disabilities and combats school dropout. Beyond issues of social justice, if digital education is very important from primary school onwards, it is also because of the economic issues with which it is connected. Digital should be an integral part of the baggage of the future citizen “Did he say?

The statements of the UNICEF Resident Representative in Gabon, Noel Marie Zagrey and members of the Government present for the occasion were corroborated by the statements. Launched on October 27, 2021, the initiative is a support program for the digitization of teaching in primary education. Joint work supported by UNICEF and Airtel Gabon, over 5 years, with funding of up to $57 million. It supports the will of the country’s highest authorities to reduce the digital divide across the territory by integrating a new model of primary education, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

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