Amazon raises the price of a Prime subscription, for the first time since 2018

Will the price of Amazon Prime go up in France? In the US, subscription has increased by 17% as of March 2022.

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In the US, Amazon has just decided to raise the prices of its Prime subscription. The latter goes from $119 to $139 per year, or a 17% increase as indicated by MacG. If you choose the monthly plan, the price is $14.99, which is an extra $2. Amazon specifies that the increase will be effective February 18 for new subscribers and March 25 for existing subscribers.

This is the first increase in Amazon Prime subscription since 2018. Amazon explains that this increase is related to an increase in delivery costs but also in wages. Remember, however, that a Prime subscription in the US includes additional services, including drug delivery for example.

In France, the subscription remains, for now, at €49 per year or €5.99 per month. For students, the subscription is 24 euros per year with a trial period of 90 days.

What does Amazon Prime contain in France?

As a reminder, this subscription allows you to take advantage of many benefits, including fast free delivery, Amazon Prime Video or even Amazon Music, with 2 million audio titles – and HD music with more than 75 million titles in HD. There’s also Prime Gaming, formerly Twitch Prime, which allows you to get PC games via the Twitch app and DLCs, skins, or boosts for many Free to Play games. Additionally, it allows you to offer a Twitch subscription every month to the broadcaster of your choice.

A somewhat unknown offer from Amazon Prime is space Free photo storage. Like Google Photos of a short time ago, you have unlimited storage for your photos in the Amazon drive (or the cloud), accessible on your smartphone, on the web, or thanks to the Amazon Drive PC app.

For Kindle owners or not, Amazon includes Prime Reading with its Prime subscription. This service provides access to hundreds of popular books that can be viewed at no additional cost from Amazon e-readers or the Kindle app, even offline.

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