Advertising agencies are reinventing themselves, competing with consulting firms and web giants

decodingWe’ve seen them already dead, squashed by Google, Amazon or Facebook… However, advertisers are showing great resilience. However, the costly shift of their paradigm towards new technologies and data threatens to marginalize the most vulnerable.

Curiosity, bewilderment, nervousness, excitement… all degrees of feeling were expressed in the audience when Ted Sarandos, Co-President of Netflix, a striped T-shirt, gray jacket and Ultra Brite smile took the trophy on June 23 at Entertainment Person of the Year, in the majestic shelter of a mansion Festivals, in Cannes, while 69e An edition of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, which brings together the global elite of advertising and marketing.

A barely convincing way for the video-streaming giant to define its territory is by introducing a global media soundboard, when it just went through a disastrous first quarter with a loss of 200,000 subscribers. As expected, the Netflix co-CEO confirmed the upcoming launch of a low-cost subscription for new customers, powered by ads. Shortly before Netflix, Disney announced that it also wanted to include advertisements in its programming.

In fact, Netflix wants it to run really fast. According to an industry media expert, the outage could occur in the advertising giant of California with 200 million subscribers and Disney+ at the end of 2022, with about four minutes per hour of sites on its platforms, versus the current twelve. minutes to linear television.

Hybridization increase

Although limited to vague terms, Ted Sarandos’ intervention is reassuring. Above all, the porosity and the increasing hybridity between linear television and streaming channels are becoming apparent: “If Netflix and Disney open their doors to advertising after Amazon Prime, HBO Max and Hulu…there is no reason why the future streaming channel that TF1 and M6 are also considering cannot market sites…A in the long run, the advertising model should become a model Reference work of broadcast channels “Judge Philip Noshi, Director of Media Experience at Publicis Media.

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Depends on Prudente, Florence Doré, Director of Marketing at Kantar Media France “The effect of replacing advertising messages rather than the effect of piling. Advertisers don’t have an indefinitely expandable budget and Netflix will have to be able to set up its own management, be able to claim an audience on a low cost model… for us, it’s just a show Extra, not necessarily a huge windfall. »

But the agencies are chomping. Every evening, at prime time, they have a sense of help, helplessly, in the spectators’ escape “Under 50 Purchasing Officers” from the TF1 and M6 screens … to the screens of Netflix and Disney +.

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