ESP and ESD pack their bags in Nantes

This yearESD and theESP Go to Nantes Basinhost a A large number of digital startups. Two hours from Paris, this main city in French technology With a rich ecosystem that is a reality Source of jobs and work and study programs For ESP and ESD students. Both schools are located on a campus dedicated to Establishing and others’Cooperatalong withInstitute of Advanced Media Arts and Technologies (IMAAT)It is a reference school for training audiovisual talents.

The orientation exhibition should not be missed

We give you an appointment at Studyrama virtual exhibition for training and digital careers To find the training of your dreams!
You will meet with experts, professionals and young graduates to discuss your future career. It is also a unique opportunity to discover the many professions that exist (developer, data scientist, computer engineer, process integrator, etc.) and to ask your questions during e-conferences.

Dedicated campus

The 1,600 square meter building, which is open and bright, has undergone a complete renovation to provide students with a state-of-the-art campus. Designed as an advertising agency, it will consist of a large group A space for teamworkFrom meeting rooms
open to students, runwayFrom photo studio And a web TV. Perfect location in A quarter of an hour from the train station and Place RoyaleIt is ideally served by trams and buses. The two schools will provide learners with innovative educational projects supervised by digital experts, as well as cutting-edge technology facilities and materials. Several joint projects will also allow students to open up to new disciplines and develop transversal skills around wide-ranging accomplishments in response to expectations. The ever-changing professional world.

Innovative Pedagogy

L ‘ESD and ESP Nantes He will bet on new training practices that go against those traditionally offered, and meet the growing needs of talent in the Nantes region, immersed in the culture of technology. They will provide students with
Strong pedagogy based on project placement It will allow young people from the region to develop technology, creativity, life skills and personal development to make them complete, agile and versatile profiles.

They will be able to access various Bachelors (Bac + 3) and Masters (Bac + 5) from these two institutions, which Titles are accredited at Level 6 and 7 And registered in the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP): ensuring its quality and its ability to adapt to the labor market.

plenty the partnership With players from the business world will be implemented in all programs of the two schools, making it possible to introduce students Unique and professional experiences In line with the reality on the ground. Thus, ESD and ESP will be open to professionals In practice wishing to provide interventions to their students, as well as to companies with projects or problems Communication / Marketing / Digital Who would like to join them to build a pedagogy that turns towards the future and resonates with local economic issues.

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