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Brand new launch excellent May 25th did not go unnoticed in the world of industrial data management and intelligence. Designed and developed by Norda Steel SolutionsAnd the excellent It is a complex technical product operating in a rapidly changing market. In cooperation with Ulis BowersAnd the excellent He launches a notorious campaign aimed at reaching clear/accurate targets such as the mining industry, ports and railways.

Complex marketing challenge
Appointed as a strategic partner, teamUlis Bowers Take on the challenge of design, in collaboration with a team excellent Based on laura movieMarketing a technical product that highlights the partners’ engineering expertise. Together we were able to imagine a strong brand that exudes all the professionalism and the human side of the industry, but also assumes innovation, technology and its solution. The problem was brilliantly solved, and the challenge was actually to get a good balance between target industries, engineering expertise in asset robustness and data assessment tools.

“differenceUlis Bowers Based on excellent She worked as a pair to give voice and personality to the brand as well as creating a comprehensive presentation, developing marketing sales tools and deploying a digital business-to-business (B2B) campaign,” he explains. Etienne Larivermarketing manager, excellent. The teams are currently continuing to develop the digital world, including the first version of the site.

Stelar to update your business decisions
By reducing the amount of equipment and infrastructure to be replaced, such as machinery, trucks, buildings and bridges, for example, excellent It reduces industrial waste, fossil energy used and resources extracted from the earth. Thus, extending the life of assets responds to today’s key financial, environmental and societal requirements.

“We are determined to take asset sustainability to a new level. Our solution brings together and mobilizes experts committed to preserving the environment and the well-being of communities, today and for generations to come. We are very proud to present to you excellent“, cross Sophie Boisvertvice president, Norda Steel SolutionsAnd the excellent.

excellent, whose mission is to “help future generations stop repeating the mistakes of the past”, is a tool that makes it possible to collect, centralize and structure critical data for high-level analytics and simulation. the value. Thanks to those, excellent Helps companies make quick, efficient and informed decisions that will preserve the integrity of assets by extending their useful life.

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