How do you recognize a good CM?

Are you looking for a good community manager? Or are you single but want to get better? Either way, you’re probably asking yourself this famous question: How do you recognize a good community manager? We all know he does more than just post on social media. So what are the skills of a community manager?

1. Communication skills

Basically, social media is a communication platform. As a professional in this field, it is important to have strong communication skills that can adapt to any platform, medium, number of personalities or audience. So it is a non-negotiable skill for a community manager. To understand and conduct conversations, it is essential to be communicative. The community needs new ideas and new engagement activities. The ability to set goals at the organizational level and marry them in the community requires excellent communication skills.

2. Organizational skills

You cannot manage a social media strategy without properly managing your time, by implementing organizational skills. As a social media manager, you not only have to set campaigns and publish tunes, but you also have to lead and implement strategies from start to finish. To do this at scale, a good community manager will implement tools, policies, and processes to ensure that everything is improved. Using a social media editorial calendar is one of the best ways to keep content organized and on schedule.

3. Great curiosity

An inquisitive mind is exactly what you need to stay ahead of your competition. Adaptability is a must in a landscape that includes ever-changing technologies and platforms, smarter consumers, and trends that come and go in the blink of an eye. The best way to adapt is to be curious enough about the world around you to actively search for new and learn the skills that a good community manager needs.

4. Coping skills

For the effective management of the community, the community manager must have strong adaptability to deal with all situations that may arise. Given that social networking algorithms change regularly, their functionality is often updated, these trends evolve, and in short, many elements can change overnight, the community manager’s ability to adapt makes him valuable to the company.

5. Analytical skills

They are often called upon to examine what makes the success (or lack thereof) of the communities they help build. They may need to collect quantitative data such as user statistics or qualitative data about members’ experiences. Knowing how to collect this information and put it into a report format is essential. Having the knowledge and ability to analyze statistics and feedback helps to better meet the needs of the user. For this, there are many social network analysis tools.

6. Market research skills

Since the community web platform is based on the principles of market research, a good understanding of the basic principles of market research is essential. Knowing the types of studies and questions that elicit the types of responses is critical. In some studies, collecting textual data with rich media is essential to the brand, and the community manager must know which research method to publish to get the most information.

7. Lots of patience!

A large part of the community manager’s job consists of interacting online with different personalities hiding behind different profiles, anonymous or not. This is because they don’t always show their best behavior and you are in charge of taking care of it. Being patient enough to listen to them and knowing how to respond to negative comments makes it easier to manage sensitive situations that may arise. It takes not only patience, but also a firm determination not to take it personally.

8. Flexibility and flexibility

Community management is not always easy! Sometimes people get angry about some of the brand’s decisions, and they may post content that they find controversial or offensive. In addition to being patient and not taking things personally, you need to know how to stay calm to respond and manage a potentially sensitive situation. Flexibility and flexibility are also essential in the sense that social networking never stops. It is a tireless beast 24/7 that may sometimes require community managers to work outside of traditional business hours.

9. Great emotional

Passion is contagious, and even more so in the online community environment. If a community manager can convey this on various social networks, he will find widespread enthusiasm throughout the community. It is normal for discussions to become more and more heated, with people increasingly participating in the discussion.

Although social media is considered entertaining, all efforts should have goals related to business goals. community manager So he must possess many skills, because he is responsible for the growth and maintenance of the society.

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