Digital Marketing at the Service of Automotive Professionals

MyDigipal is a digital marketing agency specializing in the automotive industry. In direct collaboration with agents and manufacturers, MyDigipal develops digital campaigns using emerging technologies to generate more agent sales. Paul Andre, founder and CEO of MyDigipal, details the challenges of digital marketing in the auto industry.

What are Automotive Digital Marketing Services in 2022?

first there Google Ads Search. A paid referral is to increase the visibility of your selling site when a user performs a search on Google showing interest in the automotive project. To capture orders with a high potential for sales conversion, it is best to organize your account structure according to business goals. For example:

  • Brand campaigns (Ford, BMW, Volvo, etc.) brings together the brands and models we want to promote;
  • public campaigns To cover less targeted queries (“buy a used car”, “sell cars + city name”, etc.).

Writing customized ads that boost the local aspect is essential. The goal is to encourage the user to click on the ad after placing their order. Another useful tool is SEO. It improves online visibility, without having to spend a media budget with Google. Consider this channel “free” in terms of cost, but it is labor intensive and the knowledge required.

parallel, Useful Google (Display Network) and YouTube (Video) ads tools to generate Plenty of clicks with a low budget. It also improves the bad reputation of a brand, model, franchise or event. Google and YouTube also offer advanced targeting methods, to focus the budget on users with an existing automotive project.

Finally, since the consumption of video content is constantly changing, it is necessary to switch content formats that are promoted to the target audience by creating banners, videos and other eye-catching formats.

How can social networks also help auto professionals?

Many social networks can be used by a car dealer to perform good audience targeting and promotion of their stock. However, the goals and characteristics of social networks differ. This is why it is important to carefully evaluate the choice of cause before launching a digital marketing campaign.

What are the main steps to follow to set up a campaign on social networks?

must first Determine the target audience, in order to find users who show interest in the automotive project. They can be identified thanks to the targeting techniques provided by the network. then put in Create content for ads. The choice is wide: carousel, still image, GIF, video … a must have Attractive content and create Several differences, so you can test what works best. Text content is equally important, as it prompts the user to click on the ad.

There is advanced technology that allows this Sync your vehicle inventory With social networks for automated distribution to a qualified audience. This method is called dynamic facebook ads It generates great performance in all types of dealerships.

Have merchant requests evolved in terms of tracking/reporting?

The advantage of digital is that you can Track everything with great accuracy : the number of people who viewed the ad, the number of people who clicked on it, what the internet users did once they came to the site, the number of leads, the people who went to the agency, etc.

In recent months, some merchants wanted to go further, to get 360 degree view in digital campaigns. We then developed a tracking solution to see what actions each lead takes, from a sales point of view.

It allows you to see how many leads were converted to appointments at the agency, then how many of those appointments led to the sale, and how much was generated. Then the sums were reassembled into digital channels.

In conclusion, agent marketing success requires a presence in organic/paid references, a strong social media strategy, as well as in-depth tracking of improvement Improve return on investment.

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