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When the customer journey is 100% digital, everything is measurable, from the number of clicks to the number of conversions. Unfortunately, once the phone sale is made, the follow-up is lost. Good news, solutions are there for you Accurately track ROI from phone calls generated by your marketing campaigns. Let’s see this together….

  • You invest in online and offline marketing but you don’t know how many phone calls are generated for each campaign.
  • Telephone contacts are part of your strategy, but you cannot determine the cost of an actual marketing contact.
  • You generate leads over the phone and want to understand the reach of your salespeople.

If any of these issues concern you, then it’s time to implement a call tracking solution.

Dexem: A comprehensive call tracking solution

Dixim It is a call tracking solution Which we had the opportunity to discover during the presentation. It allowsAnalyze phone calls from marketing campaigns Thus measuring its effectiveness. The tool generates virtual tracking numbers for each of your campaigns to better understand your ROI.

Practically speaking, you will be able to generate as many numbers as you want. Thus, you will measure the impact of each of your media: Google My Business, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Spot TV, and include it in a magazine… Each of these unique issues is redirected to your historical issue.

Thus you will be able to keep track of the volume of calls generated by each of your sources.

Dexem offers two types of call tracking:

  • Fixed: One number per campaign.
  • Dynamic: in this case the system automatically generates numbers according to certain criteria. Depending on the traffic source or even by visitor session for exact details, for example keyword by keyword for search marketing campaigns.

In the dynamic version, the system determines the source and automatically changes the number that appears on your page.

Everything is customizable, you can add custom fields to track what you want (example: a car manufacturer can track the required brands and get a report by brand).

While forwarding the phone, the salesperson will be able to retrieve the original user data. He will thus be able, in an instant, to tell if the prospect he has on the phone is coming from Google, Facebook Ads, or an email campaign. Or that the person comes from the “Open Days” campaign…

The tool also provides an audio library (messages, music on hold) and can be easily integrated with CRM (including Salesforce and Hubspot) and Google Analytics.

Dexem Audio Library
Dexem integration

Integration with Google Analytics allows tracking of goals such as: dropout, call duration, custom domain, etc. For example, I can track calls that last more than 3 minutes.

For automation lovers, Dexem also has a webhook for automating certain tasks using Zapier. Example: Creating a Google Doc file with all incoming calls…

Track ROI for Call Tracking Campaigns

As you can imagine, the tool also offers reports to track a full set of statistics to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

We can monitor, for example, the peak hours, the number of calls per day, the drop-out rate by hours … Practically, we can improve the planning of our salespeople thanks to this. Example: You realize that Monday mornings have the most missed calls due to your meeting at the beginning of the week, so you just need to change the meeting time to improve sales performance.

You can track call history and even be able to track pageviews on your site before the call. This makes it possible to see the content perform well on the site.


Dexem makes it possible to accurately track the telephonic fallout of its marketing campaigns. The interface is also easy to use and everything can be configured easily.

Dexem will allow you to optimize acquisition costs thanks to a better analysis of your advantages. Thus, Paritel was able to reduce acquisition costs by 20% thanks to this call tracking system.

The tool can be tested for free for 30 days with 5 issues, then the subscription is offered from 29 € per month. You can also request a demo on the Dexem website.

For more information, visit the Dexem website.

The article was written in collaboration with Dexem

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