“The shortage of real estate and the retreat of buyers: how do you react?” , Jonathan Vogt, real estate coach at Expertimo

While the majority of real estate professionals agree that there is still a shortage of properties for sale across the territory, we are also witnessing a situation not seen in over three years, a decline in the number of buyers. Jonathan Vogt, real estate coach at Expertimo.

After all that could be more natural, it is supply that makes demand, and without supply there is no demand. So how do you deal with this emergency situation and how do you revitalize your activity in this complex time? Here are some potential clients…

Prospecting: Always Prospecting

The Real estate prospecting It can lead at any time to a prescription or recommendation. When we talk about exploration in 2022, it should be categorized into two main categories:

  • ancestral ways
  • digital tools

I now propose to detail these two great families.

ancestral excavation methods

Ancestral excavation brings together all the proven and successful methods over decades.

Physical prospecting, which consists of going to your pool area several times a year, is a good example. In the event of an emergency that concerns us, I invite you to combine this method of prospecting with direct contact. Find other events, fairs or markets in your area and talk to people. Talk about your job and hand out countless business cards and flyers.

Exchange with as many people as possible in one day and collect all possible information about your gathering area. A good real estate professional knows everything going on beyond the threshold of their horizons.

Freelance real estate work is also an excellent way to respond to an emergency because you are addressing already active sellers.

your relationship

Relationship has always been the most effective way to collect qualified contacts, and apply the method coffee, This acronym means that you must clear:

  • knowledge
  • friends
  • family
  • Close professional environment

Although there are quite a few properties for sale, we all have an acquaintance with a real estate project or who is considering it. Scan each category above and ask them about your business. You will see that the phone will be ringing soon.


Prospects rarely connect to us through just one prospecting channel. What triggers the connection, It is the accumulation of verbs that you will carry out in your gathering area. Due to your increased presence on the ground, all means of fixed displays will be able to help potential clients connect with you. For example, you can place strategically placed billboards in your municipality, advertise in the local newspaper, find partnerships with local actors to install advertisements, sponsorship, etc. Strategic view It will reassure your target It will show your dynamic.

Independent real estate, the growing relationship in your sector as well as the strategic offer will allow you to increase your presence and these methods will be able to respond to the current emergency situation.

diversification of resources

If you work in a network that offers transactions, then take full advantage of leasing and management all opportunities to diversify your activities. Management, for example, is a particularly interesting activity because these resources are like recurring income. Diversifying your resources will allow you not to put all your eggs in one basket and will improve your turnover when there is no wind in the sails of one of the card signals.

digital tools

digital marketing It is necessary today and it would be a shame to dispense with it. This is a real source of income. But beware, digital technology will not replace human contact and ancestral ways.

It would be dangerous to focus only on networks and sales tunnels because the reality is more complex than it appears. In fact, digital marketing combines many skills and requires a lot of time, especially at the beginning. Consider digital tools as a complement, especially if you’re a beginner.

On the other hand, you can not neglect these tools either, and initially I advise you to allocate 45 minutes per day at most.


The only tool I would recommend to get started is Facebook. This tool can really help you get home quickly and reach the local audience. Facebook is the only social network that allows you to target the prospects you want to reach very precisely.

Facebook introduces you to two large families.

Organic methods: Everything you can do to give yourself free insight (build an audience, groups, pages, etc.)

Paid methods: Facebook ads.

I won’t separate them here, but I invite you to visit Facebook group: Expertimo lessons To view the workouts I provide on Facebook.

Other tools

All other digital tools will be fun, But the second time.

Indeed, what concerns us today is to return to the position immediately and not after 6 months. And the only tool that will allow you to achieve this challenge is Facebook.

Other methods: Email marketing, sales spends, Google ads, comparisons, etc. should not be neglected, but it will not respond to an emergency. This is a medium and long term based strategy to be recommended as a second step.


Many agents are currently under pressure due to the remaining shortage of merchandise. But rest assured that real estate has always been a French passion and a safe haven in times of crisis.

To weather this storm, increase your presence in the field, connect a good show in your area and increase your local presence on Facebook.

Consider improving your relationship so that people will talk about you in your gathering area.

By maintaining a strong presence with these procedures, you will be able to face a complex period and strengthen your image as a leading professional in your gathering area.

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