The right address … Le Croisic Real Estate Agency

The end of the school year is a pivotal period for students who are looking for a summer job, a future job, or even an internship program or work and study.
If you are looking for a career in real estate, we have decided to help you by offering you quality titles capable of providing that much needed professional experience. Direction Le Croisic where we tell you about the real estate agency ideally located opposite the shipyard and the marina.

Le Croisic is part of the wild coast of the Guérande Peninsula, and if we put aside the strip of land that connects it to Batz-sur-Mer, the city is surrounded by water and the landscape is wonderful. Thanks to its oceanic climate, it is always temperate in Le Croisic and is really pleasant. To settle or work there, we have found the right address for you to take note of compulsorily, whether you are a tourist passing through, a young resident looking for an activity or you are planning to settle there.

Can you tell us about your organization and the number of its employees?

A local real estate agency, AGENCE DU CROISIC located on the Croisic Peninsula opposite the Port de Plaisance. Its notoriety has been recognized for more than 30 years. PROPERTY MANAGER, AGENCE DU CROISIC supports you in the buying, selling, leasing and management of your property year-round and seasonal rentals in an atypical and exceptional living environment.

Off season and high season (summer), what are your needs? What types of profiles are you looking for?

Currently and in high season we are looking to reinforce our teams as we depart and set up vacationers, and clean staff to work in pairs but always in company.

In this period of economic recovery but also of uncertainty, how to do it FifthOr should you continue the course in your hiring process? What is the role of youth employment in your organization? Do you have a haven to me Interns and interns in work and study and if so, what profile are you looking for in priority?

AGENCE DU CROISIC prefers to hire young business study students in the company, by recruiting BTS real estate professionals to work and study for more than 7 years and now BTS BACHELOR RPCMD *1st year (*responsible for commercial performance and digital marketing).

TheAGENCE DU CROISIC is committed to supporting students of work and study over several years in their studies with a 100% pass rate in BTS. We also have ex-work and study interns who come back to work with us on Saturdays during the season. In agreement with the CFA (Centre for Work and Study Training) in NANTES and SAINT-NAZAIRE, AGENCE DU CROISIC is looking forward to joining its team Since the beginning of the 2022 school year, two new students for work and study After checking the validity of the baccalaureate.

First of all, BTS real estate career in the first or second year of school for a new work-study professional training who will be responsible, among other things, for receiving potential buyers, carrying out office work, processing information about tenants, but also real estate navigation and research about real estate. and also, In the digital age, we are looking for a BTS BACHELOR RPCMD who will lead his own project, becoming Head of Commercial Performance and Digital Marketing at AGENCE DU CROISIC, specializing in customer relations, commercial management and digital marketing, also using social and digital media.

If we are interested in joining you, how can we do that?

It’s simple, send us an email with CFifth and your cover letter to [email protected]

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