Real Luck Group appoints director of marketing to complete the executive team

The arrival of Tencent Games and the former Red Bull CEO comes as the company prepares to expand its player acquisition.

Real Luck Group Ltd. and its subsidiaries doing business as “Luckbox” (the “Group”), an award winning provider of licensed sportsbooks, betting books and casino games, announces the appointment of Danielle Sanders to the position of Director of Marketing.

Notably, Mr. Sanders has held the positions of Tencent Games’ Senior Global Marketing Leader and Head of E-Sports and Games Marketing at Red Bull. He was also a manager and player for the popular esports organization Dignitas. He will be responsible for driving Luckbox’s marketing strategy as the company seeks to accelerate player acquisitions in the second half of 2022, a key element to drive organic revenue growth this year.

Thomas Rosander, CEO of Real Luck Group, said: “This is a critical role that complements the building of our central management team. This role requires a rare skill set that we have been employing for months and we are very pleased to bring in an individual of Daniel’s caliber to help accelerate our player growth strategy.

“He will play an important role in our long-term mission to position Luckbox as a leading brand at the intersection of gambling, esports and gaming. His arrival enhances our leadership team’s wealth of experience in driving users and profits in the gaming industry.”

“As part of our team, he will benefit from the cutting-edge business intelligence and customer relationship management infrastructure that we have built over the past year as we aim to embark on acquisitions campaigns of significant players for the first time in the company’s history.

“Dan’s efforts to introduce the Luckbox brand to a new generation of players will be supported by the continuous deployment of the affiliate strategy, building a growing network of player referral sites, and driving significant traffic to our casino product with the goal of achieving revenue growth in the near term.”

“We believe that our strategy gives us a unique advantage in the context of the rising acquisition costs of players currently affecting the sector. We have the resources to intensify our marketing efforts and implement our growth strategy through 2023.”

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