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An acquisition strategy is one of the most effective ways to reach a goal of improving its sales and improving its reputation, by increasing or redefining its customer base. The results depend above all on the quality and customization of the published plan and the systems used. The on him have met Olivier GarneauAgency digital strategist inventin order to talk about best practices for the 360 ​​Acquisition campaign.

Different contexts determine the company’s need to shift to an acquisition strategy. Before publishing it, we must first get acquainted with the peculiarities of the goal he wants to reach, and reconsider the characteristics and digital environment of the brand. For a 360-degree strategy to be effective, it must take everything into consideration above all else.

“There are different situations where it makes sense to adopt a strategy like this. At home inventWe operate in the context of e-commerce. At the platform launch level, website redesign, or repositioning of existing strategy and client branding. Sometimes they are young companies that have launched their brand and need strategic support, or established companies that want to explore new horizons. Increasingly, they are also having difficulty recruiting, and we have become an extension of their team to advise them and develop an acquisition strategy in that direction.” Olivier Garneau.

Publishing step by step, the key to success
Before deciding the appropriate strategy to adopt, experts first and foremost work with their clients to evaluate their product and platform. The idea is to move towards a truly personal campaign that respects the reality of the company, the specialist explains.

“in home inventWe consider two sides. Sometimes the website gets redesigned by our team, so we have already developed the platform according to the acquisition strategy that will come next. It is an ongoing process, once the site is online. In other cases, a customer comes to see us need a new platform and we must then review their business model to determine if their product is marketable. Then we set the budget after that to make sure we advise him in the best way.”

Digital experts in some cases have to readjust the initial request, which may be inspired by current trends, but will not necessarily achieve the results that the customer is seeking.

“Often, a company will come to see us with a specific need. For example, they have been told they need an impact strategy. tik tokBut it is not a solution that adapts to the goal you want to achieve.” Olivier Garneau.

According to him, there is no predetermined way forward, because every client is unique. On the other hand, it is necessary to start by checking if the platform that your acquiring consumers are turning to represents the brand image and the values ​​you want to present.

“If we consider from the outset that the online platform is not suitable for the strategy we are aiming at, then we must then tell the customer that it will not work due to blocking tools or user experience that is not optimal. Site traffic is the center of the strategy, and this cannot be Profitable because of that,” the strategist outlines.

However, if a customer cannot afford to completely redesign their website, they can still make interesting sales, and reassure Olivier Garneau. “A landing page that’s right for the strategy will make up for site weaknesses, for example.”

Content, social media and other strategies
The acquisition strategy definitely goes through shared content. It is present in all aspects of the campaign and makes it possible to effectively reach the set goal, especially through social media or email marketing.

“We certainly rely a lot on content and social networks. We don’t run the community, but we will be there to manage and improve our customers’ digital ads on all their platforms. Content is really like an umbrella of digital strategy. We need it in every way. For e-commerce, for example. We use them to improve a website, for call-to-action buttons, or if we need to increase website sale to offer relevant products.”

The expert points out that email marketing strategy is still a very effective process today. Attached content is crucial, as it will have an interesting role for the target to encourage them to click.

“The newsletter is the channel with the best communication rate. The newsletter strategy creates retention, but it targets an already acquired base of customers and readers. It is very strong, for example, to attract people who have not bought from a brand for a long time.

To target acquisition and improve a mailing list, various means can be published on the company’s website or via social media. “It could be a discount in exchange for a newsletter subscription, or a ‘sponsored’ advertising strategy to generate leads,” he explains. Olivier Garneau.

However, the latter points out the importance of defining your audience as accurately as possible rather than targeting a large number of members. “Whether it is organic or paid advertising, on social media, traditional advertising works well for targeting people and acquiring new customers. However, it all comes down to the experience. It will be acquiring a customer who loves to browse and buy from a website or enjoy the package they got And the overall experience is more valuable, because that person will talk about it and become a brand ambassador afterwards.”

direction geofence?
According to the expert, advertising on Google ads And the google shopping It is still one of the most successful acquisition tactics, especially in the e-commerce world. But, apart from these proven channels, what new practices are coming to reach the target customers?

Olivier Garneau He replies that even if it has been around for a few years already, geolocation technology deserves to be known and used. This process makes it possible to physically target potential customers and send them messages when they enter or leave a specific area.

“It will target the phone, and if you actually walk into a restaurant, for example McDonald’sthe local business using the geofence may know that you are entering the restaurant at this time, and therefore send you advertisements or an instant notification advising you to eat at their establishment instead. burger king They did this through a “bypass” campaign to discourage people from going to McDonald’s. When people reached the perimeter of the restaurant, burger king Submit an ad featuring a hamburger massive 1 cent, plus give directions to get to the nearest restaurant! “

Intrusive, do you think? “That’s for sure, but it’s legal. For example, geolocation is acceptable, and that’s how it goes. We’re targeted and followed a lot these days, that’s for sure. But people shouldn’t be afraid, because it can also improve the content they receive. If it’s not I have biscuitI will get publicity for everything and anything, and it will be less interesting,” he concludes.

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