HUAWEI Advertising Partners with the Hong Kong Advertisers Association to Welcome a New Era of Marketing with an Information Sharing Webinar

Hong Kong And the 5 July 2022 /PRNewswire/ – HUAWEI Announcements and the Hong Kong Advertisers Association (HK2A) have successfully concluded their Zoom webinar on “New Challenges, New Opportunities in the Marketing Industry”. The webinar invited five industry leaders from Huawei, dentu International and the Hong Kong Association of Interactive Marketing (HKAIM) to share an in-depth analysis of regional marketing trends and potential marketing strategies that professionals could adopt.

HUAWEI Announcements and the Hong Kong Advertisers Association (HK2A) have successfully concluded their Zoom webinar on “New Challenges, New Opportunities in the Marketing Industry”. For more information on Huawei announcements, please visit:

In his welcoming speech, Dr. Dong Hoi TanVice President, Director of Strategy and Business Development for Huawei Consumer Cloud Business, expressed Huawei’s commitment to continue expanding HUAWEI’s advertising capabilities and solutions to enable advertising partners in its ecosystem to create a mutually beneficial digital advertising environment.


Sit among the distinguished panel of speakers Anna ChanDentsu International Hong Kong, General Manager of Media Business Line. In her talk, she described the main patterns of consumption observed in China economy, including increased investment in their personal health and well-being. Moreover, consumers are gradually spending more time on their mobile and smart devices.

Because of changing consumer trends, she mentioned, companies are starting to create immersive experiences that incorporate messages about self-care, wellness, and community into their messages. However, as the economy continues to grow, it has encouraged marketers to scale their business in these five core areas: Marketing, Consumer Insights, Channels, Opportunities, and Immersive Experiences. These improvements required more complex resources to improve consumer understanding and more diverse marketing channels to effectively reach the target audience.

in his speech, Sam HoyThe Vice President of HKAIM detailed how Web 3.0 will impact the marketing industry in the future. He stated that it is essential for marketers to gain a tangible understanding of their customers as the digital space continues to evolve. Additionally, Web 3.0 is the third development of web technology that features decentralized applications and hosts the metaverse, a virtual world where users create avatars to simulate real-world social interactions from the comfort of their homes. Although the metaverse is relatively new, it will provide a great opportunity for advertisers to work on native platform campaigns. However, marketers must be willing to embrace these changes and deepen their understanding of user sentiment to continue marketing effectively.

Louis LowFrom the Huawei Hong Kong hardware ecosystem development and operation department, he added: “No matter how things continue to evolve in the near future, the fundamental principle of a successful marketing strategy is the ability to create opportunities from any situation. Web 3.0 and Acceleration Smart hardware adoption opens a world Advertisers should seize this opportunity and venture into this new space to grow their audience.”

“Each advertising platform has its own peculiarity depending on its user group. Advertisers are advised to diversify their advertising resources wherever possible, to increase brand exposure to potential audience and increase competitiveness.” Bennett WuHUAWEI Hong Kong Ads.

Improving communications with Huawei ads

Advertisers looking to increase their audience can turn to HUAWEI Ads as it connects companies to more than 730 million global users within the Huawei mobile ecosystem.

Building on Huawei’s well-established ecosystem, HUAWEI Advertising leverages synergies between Huawei devices, native apps, open capabilities, and more than 41,000 third-party app launch companies embedded in its network, to connect data points on various smart devices and apps.

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