When the first impression is always right

When you embark on an entrepreneurial adventure, you never know what to expect. This is interesting! And what Benjamin Duvauchel didn’t expect was the success of his company, Artisan 3D, thanks to e-commerce and the Amazon marketplace.

A fan of additive manufacturing for a long time, having learned to print things from time to time to help those around him, he decided to take several courses to certify his achievements and create his business. Thus Artisan 3D was born. With his 3D character, he devotes his time primarily to providing services to professionals and individuals in his area. These are basically auto parts that he then sells on various e-commerce websites. ” I realized that these pieces are interesting to a lot of people.” In the face of this growing demand, we had to think big. And with one click, he was able to find the right partner: “ It was from amazon “.

Benjamin Duvauchel. Dr

Face Designer and Entrepreneur

In 2021, Benjamin Duvauchel launched his online store on the Amazon marketplace. During sales, and eager to learn more about best practices to follow when it comes to e-commerce, discover The Digital Accelerator, Amazon’s free digital tools training program. He is registered and hardworking, learning more about the way the market works and advertising and marketing techniques. Various topics: How do you write a good ad? How do you choose the right image? What is theWhat good publicity? But also everything you need to know about transportation and shipments of products sold, it is very important “. In addition to this training, Benjamin Duvauchel is accelerating his professionalization process thanks to his weekly webinars. These hours of learning pay off: sales are racing.” The 3D sector is so small, it’s almost a niche sector. If I had opened a store in my downtown Hauts-de-France, I would have had a few clients a week. Thanks to Amazon, my products are exported abroad Its main products? Yogurt maker pot holders, protective phone cases, and countless other small, fragile, easy-to-lost everyday objects that a 3D printer can easily make.

E-commerce: a starting point for entrepreneurship

I started with a printer and a microphonea company. From now on I am the manager of an LLC with 30 printers running at full speed. Benjamin Duvauchel believes that Amazon has played an invaluable role in this growth. His store has been active for over a year now and sales in France and Europe are progressing. And this growth may be propelled to a higher level by the achievements of Amazon training. Benjamin Duvauchel is eager to see the vision gains that Provided by the Prime Day event at Amazon.” This is my first online show in this vein, so I’m still in the testing and learning phase that will allow me, next year, to stage something more ambitious. »

It was launched in 2020, digital metronome Designed by Amazon to support all French entrepreneurs, step by step, in their digital transformation and help them develop their businesses online. The program is free and open to all, and consists of more than 120 training modules. More than 20,000 French entrepreneurs have joined the program since its inception.

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