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The Rocket School wants to discover talents that have been turned down by Parcoursup.

La grande école du numérique, gratuite et rémunérée qui form in la vente et au high tech marketing, propose l’intégration des nouveaux bacheliers n’ayant pas pu s’inscrire ou obtenir leurs voeux sur Parcoursup aux refus’ platform.

Rocket School trains for tomorrow’s jobs and guarantees a work-study program or permanent contract to 100% of its students. It intends to listen and open its doors to graduates after the results of the first round will be announced on Tuesday 5 July 2022. Six branches across France located in Paris, Lille, Nantes, Bordeaux, Lyon and Marseille are now ready to welcome new French baccalaureate holders wishing to pursue careers in commerce and marketing digital.

Future prospects or guaranteed success

To get into Rocket School, you must pass a personality test in a one-hour format which will map out personality traits that will be used to guide graduates towards a digital business developer, growth hacker or even customer success manager training. Rocket School’s anti-unemployment algorithm will determine if a candidate has the soft skills needed for this occupation category.

The students then spend 3 months of their “boot camp” training at the Rocket School. This intense period, based on a Montessori approach, was designed in favor of a very rapid increase in operational skills. The latter then enters a year-long work-study program at the heart of the work-study business, often at the most fashionable French tech startup.

According to Cyril Pierre de Geyer, founder of the Rocket School “Parcoursup is a great device, but it is designed to guide students to very traditional standards. At Rocket-School, we want to reinvent education and believe we have to bet on moods and personalities in order to offer them a personalized education where we know they will thrive.”

About the rocket school

The Rocket School was founded in 2018 by Cyril Pierre de Geyer, Associate Professor at HEC Paris, former Deputy Managing Director of Epitech, Founder and Director of the IONIS Group Executive MBA, Entrepreneur and Entrepreneur. Accompanied by Jeremy Diavitt, he surrounded himself with a team of innovative educational experts. The Rocket School prepares Bac + 3 and Bac + 5 diplomas and was awarded the Grande École du Numérique by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

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