Retailers are invited to showcase their products on Le Panier Bleu

Bas-Saint-Laurent retailers are now being invited to register their products with Blue Basket, which will become a transaction platform in the fall, allowing both Quebec retailers to be more competitive, and ultimately consumers having simplified and efficient online shopping.

With the financial involvement of Desjardins, Investissement Québec and Fonds de Solidarité FTQ, as well as the strategic support of Lightspeed, Le Panier Bleu will, next fall, introduce a transaction marketplace showcasing local merchants.

By launching Le Panier Bleu in April 2020, the Quebec government wanted to unite initiatives to boost local procurement and entrusted the non-profit organization with the task of leading working groups on the future of retail in Quebec.

This mandate will now be taken over by a private company that aims to pool the driving forces of retail and e-commerce in order to make a positive difference to Quebec’s economy.

This announcement is an important milestone for the retail sector, as it represents the first step towards creating a digital ecosystem for Quebec that will accelerate the shift to online commerce.

“With the Blue Cart, we are catering to the growing demand from Quebecers who want to buy locally. Over the past two years, the teams have worked hard, and we now have a Transaction site that supplies both consumers and merchants. With this new release, I am convinced that the Blue Cart will be a part of everyday life for more and more Quebecers,” commented the Minister of Economy and Innovation, Pierre Fitzgibbon.

Merchants are welcome to register

From now on, Quebec merchants can register to have their products available on the transaction platform, in time for the most important period of the year, the holiday season. The more merchants that sign up, they provide consumers with an improved, diversified and efficient shopping experience.

“Online shopping is becoming an increasingly important part of our consumption habits. Quebecers, including several thousand of our members and customers, have repeatedly demonstrated their desire to encourage the local economy. To do so, it is essential that we offer them a simple, efficient and accessible platform.” An option that is more likely to compete with global e-commerce giants. At Desjardins, we are passionately committed to this and thus reaffirm our intention to support local businesses in their digital transformation so that they remain competitive and aligned with consumer needs.” Services, Desjardins Group.

The importance of the participation of Quebec merchants

In addition to the transactional aspect of the platform, Le Panier Bleu is actively working to offer an improved and standardized transportation, delivery and marketing system in order to allow Quebec retailers and manufacturers to access the best industry standards of business by line and thus succeed in this highly competitive market.

Ultimately, the platform will enhance the proximity between merchants and consumers, as well as provide economic benefits, reduce environmental footprint and improve customer experience.

“Online commerce is essential to business success in Quebec. Thanks to the new Le Panier Bleu transaction platform, they will now have a channel to start the digital transformation. This is an initiative that will have many spin-offs from local businesses and Quebec’s economy. At Fonds de Solidarité FTQ, we constantly encourage partner companies us to innovate and we believe this mission is perfectly aligned with that of Blue Basket,” says Danny Pelletier, Senior Vice President of Private Equity and Private Equity at Fonds de Solidarity QFL.

Investments over several years.

The investments totaling $22 million will, in particular, enable the operation of the new transaction market, support Quebec retailers in their digital transformation, further enhance local purchasing, support the construction of logistics infrastructure, provide customer service and cover operating costs.

“I now invite Quebec merchants to indicate their interest in Panier Bleu to make their products available in time for the holiday season. Today we are taking a new step, it is the beginning of a promising future for Blue Basket, a platform that will continue to evolve and improve over time.” I would like to thank our team and partners who have enabled us to reach to where we are today,” said Alain Dumas, General Manager of Le Panier Bleu.

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