From L’Oréal to PBC, the journey of a hurried man

Laurent Dubois is a successful leader. Within 32 years, he rose through the ranks of the cosmetics industry to head the professional division of the Western European region of the global heavyweight cosmetics company L’Oréal. A professional renaissance during which he knew how to be at the forefront of digital transformation. A month ago, this hurried man decided to get into entrepreneurship by co-founding the consulting firm PBC (Professional Beauty Consulting), whose mission is to connect beauty representatives with investment funds.

Laurent Dubois’ career began in 1998 in Copenhagen. Regional Product Manager (VSNE) at Air Liquide, the French-Swedish meets the director of L’Oréal Denmark who advises him to send his resume, launching his career at the global cosmetic giant. The ascent will be meteoric. Gemey-Maybelline’s first marketing director, Laurent Dubois quickly became the Director of Garnier Belgium, then President of Garnier and Gemey-Maybelline France.

In 2008, he assumed the position of general manager of the group’s professional products division in France. Then the expert in the cosmetology sector became the head of this department in the Eastern European region, and then, until very recently, the entire Western European region. Then at the peak of his career in the famous French cosmetics group, Laurent Dubois managed 3,500 people. Thus, the hurried man travels the world and collaborates with a variety of talents. This impressive career has enabled her to gain unique experience in beauty product marketing and management.

Moreover, Laurent Dubois distinguished himself by his ability to anticipate the digital transformation of the cosmetic industry. Aux manettes du Club des Créateurs de Beauté (de 2005 à 2008), l’acteur de la vente par correspondance (VPC) traditionnelle basé sur des catalogues papiers, l’homme d’affaires comprend très tôt les enjeux liés à une naissantenologie : Trading. Driven by its leader’s desire to innovate, the Club des Créateurs de Beauté quickly took on the role of online sales. The mail-order subsidiary of L’Oreal thus became the first cosmetics company to create its own e-commerce site.

Therefore, Laurent Dubois was able to chart his course at L’Oréal and develop operational and strategic skills. A background he decided to use to his advantage by co-founding a consulting firm PBC (Professional Beauty Consulting) last May. Along with Christoph Schmutz and Frederic Espinosa, two former CEOs of L’Oréal, Laurent Dubois connects beauty brands with investment funds to advance their development and create value.

With their market experience, the partners identify and support the ‘nuggets’ of the sector on a daily basis in their organic, digital and even external growth strategy. At the same time, they direct money towards these high-potential brands, ensuring them a return on investment. Once the acquisitions are made, the three men remain as close to their clients as possible to manage operational support.

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