ATLAS-IAC has partnered with RPM Gaming to unveil its new generation of “risk-free” sports betting at iGB LIVE!

The innovative partnership heralds an exciting proposition for operators looking to add sports betting to their product lineup.

ATLAS-IAC, a leading Lisbon-based sports betting and PAM software developer recently relocated from Kyiv, has teamed up with RPM Gaming, a rising star in digital and retail betting, to launch a highly automated “risk-free” sports betting service ahead of the Summit This week’s main igaming in Amsterdam, iGB Live! (5-8 July).

RPM Gaming has added its expertise in sales, account management, and operations to the exciting technology business of ATLAS-IAC to bring the latest advances in artificial intelligence technology, in-house CRM tools, and automated trading to market.

In addition, if the operator seeks to mitigate the downside by integrating the new cutting-edge sportsbook, this customized and innovative partnership will now take all trading risks to operate its services, a testament to the ability of its core sports betting platform to operate in any market.

This revolutionary sportsbook can now be embedded as an iFrame on a risk-free chassis, and runs on ATLAS-IAC’s unique pricing models – allowing customers to enjoy cutting-edge, responsive in-game opportunities until the last minute of the match, at competitive prices on all sports. This partnership comes just in time for this summer’s sporting extravaganza, as well as the historic FIFA World Cup that will follow later this year.

Powered by live data and machine learning tools, ATLAS-IAC’s automated software now allows small teams of operators to focus on marketing decisions and eliminate the manual work required to operate most existing systems. To this end, the ATLAS-IAC Sportsbook provides flexible and standard solutions to support the operational strategy tailored to each customer.

This sports betting solution is also integrated with a Player Account Management (PAM) platform, which is combined with industry-leading providers of casino gaming content, virtual sports, free games, and flexible processing options. Payments, affiliated systems, and responsible KYC databases. It also leverages proprietary BI and CRM tools that reduce customer disruption in an era of increasingly stringent international regulations.

Advanced ATLAS-IAC technology and agile tools help overcome local regulatory challenges with a lightweight physical deployment backed by centralized control systems, delivered alongside RPM Gaming.

Richard Thorpe, Director of RPM Gaming said: “We are delighted to collaborate with the true geniuses behind ATLAS-IAC, and look forward to a long and successful future together, with a host of new collaborations with operators and casinos around our cutting edge sports betting technology.

“ATLAS-IAC and RPM now provide brands with everything they need to run their responsible sports betting and gaming business, with comprehensive reporting, social responsibility tools, reward and segmentation tools, payments and data analysis. And with “risk-free” transactions for any potential partners reluctant to take this step, the Our unique seal of approval sets us apart from the competition in terms of our ability to handle and commitment to the success of all our partnerships.

IGB Live! It has always been one of my favorite peaks in one of my favorite cities. The friendly surroundings of Amsterdam seem to be the perfect place to lift the veil on the best kept secret in sports betting: ATLAS-IAC. I was really impressed with the quality, quantity and variety of the delegates on site, and I look forward to meeting my old and new friends. »

Sergey Efimenko, CEO of ATLAS-IAC added: “We are thrilled to join forces with the seasoned professionals of RPM Gaming, whose management team can boast decades of industry-leading sports betting experience.

“ATLAS-IAC Will Use iGB Live! To showcase its full portfolio of innovative betting products and trading tools, all of which have been developed in line with our mission statement to move the industry towards true automation.

“By monitoring market demand, and the way operations are currently managed, we firmly believe that the future lies in automating all operational processes: trading, risk management, anti-fraud and customer relationship management. You don’t need rows of employees to run a strong and successful project. Instead, You need a fully scalable and flexible software with maximum automation that will allow our elite skilled team to set up and control all your operations.We believe that the biggest risk of any betting business is staying with non-working technology, and it won’t take long for most operators to realize that .

“The ATLAS-IAC and RPM Gaming team will be on stand L70 all week.”

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