10 Reddit tips and tricks to help you become a Redditor expert

reddit It is one of the most used social news platforms for sharing links and information. Users are allowed Positive vote where vote against Any content provided by other users. Reddit’s FeaturesKarmaTo prevent spammers from posting random links. There is a limit to posting links on the site, so if you are a spammer and looking for a platform to randomly copy and paste your links, then Reddit is not for you. The platform is quite strict on spammers and takes no time to remove the spam content. The user gets ‘Karma’ points when someone comments or endorses their link.

Although it is a very popular social news platform, people are still not making the most of it. In this article we will find very interesting and useful information Reddit tips and tricks This will help you get the most out of it.



Reddit tips and tricks

1. Subreddits are very important

If you are new to Reddit, remember that Subreddits here are very important. Subreddits are actually categories designed to organize content shared by millions of users. Each Subreddit is dedicated to a specific topic such as education, computers, Windows, health, etc. Each time you submit a link, you must select the Subreddit that matches your linking location. There are thousands of subsections here and it is important to select the most appropriate category to attract more viewers and target readers to engage with your posts.

2. Make a photo slideshow in Reddit

If you want to see images on a particular Subreddit, you can just create a quick slideshow. All you have to do is go to the desired Subreddit page and change the URL a bit. Add a letter ‘p’ after Reddit in the URL and you can see a quick slideshow of images from that particular Subreddit. For example, if you want to look at images of flowers, the URL of the given Subreddit will be https://www.reddit.com/r/flower/ , now add the letter “p” and make it https://www.redditp.com/r/flower/ And you are looking at the beautiful slideshow of all the flower pictures posted on Reddit by many users.

Reddit tips and tricks 1

3. Create and use MultiReddits

You can merge similar Subreddits and create MultiReddit and add SubReddits to it to avoid duplicate posts and Subreddits. To create MultiReddit, log in to your Reddit account and go to the right settings panel, click Create And follow the instructions. When creating MutliReddit, be sure to give it an appropriate name based on the type.

Reddit 2 tips and tricks

Comments play a major role in getting karma points on Reddit. While it is important to make comments meaningful, adding effects like line break, bold/italic or strikethrough can make your comment stand out.

  • To display a line break in your comment or to start a new paragraph, put two spaces at the end of the line.
  • To make a word bold, write it between two asterisks **a word** And to make the word italic between the asterisk like *a word* and type the file ~~a word~~ Strikethrough.
  • Use Unicode characters to add symbols to your Reddit comments. Emojis make your comments more expressive, like the (?_?) emoji indicating your disagreement.

5. Random buttonreddit 3 tips and tricks

Have you ever used the Randomize button in the top menu bar? Clicking the “Random” button will display random sub-edits used by many users. So if you are tired of the usual and trending sub-comments displayed on the main page, just keep hitting the random button. One click can take you to Subreddit Camp Fire And the next click may randomly open a Subreddit JavaScript.

6. Reddit phone status

Did you know that Reddit has its own mobile version designed specifically for your mobile phones? To browse Reddit in its mobile version, simply add “I’ on the main URL, i.e. i.reddit.com.

ReadHow to enable two-factor authentication for Reddit.

7. Release subreddits

You can often find SubReddits that are blocked in your workplace, but don’t worry, you can unblock them at any time. You can open them either by using HTTPS or by adding “+At the end of the banned Subreddit name, ie www.reddit.com/r/food+.

8. Increase your karma points

It is slow but it works. You can increase your Karma score by posting relevant comments on popular subreddits. It is not important that you post a long comment, short but relevant comments will help you increase your karma points for sure.

Answering frequently asked questions will also help you earn a large amount of karma points. Make sure your answer is somewhat funny but workable. “More upvotes Equals more karma points. Posting funny and detailed stories in the replies also helps to attract a lot of attention, followed by upvotes and finally Karma points.

9. Use Shortcuts with Reddit Enhancement Suite

Keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) save time and increase productivity. Reddit hotkeys will definitely give you a better experience. To use these shortcuts, you must first install Reddit Enhancement Suite.

Here is a list of the hotkeys you get with Suite-

  • Z = negative vote.
  • A = positive vote.
  • J = next
  • H = hide
  • U = user
  • S = save
  • F = update
  • I = inbox
  • R = Go to the target subreddit
  • C = Position is open
  • X = Open preview
  • L = Open in new tab

Reddit’s optimization suite also lets you overhaul the user interface and lets you watch videos right from the first page or zoom in on images.

10. Create multiple accounts on Reddit

If you use Reddit for your digital marketing, creating multiple accounts will help. Create a personal account, two marketing accounts, and keep one or two backup accounts. It is very easy and fast to create Reddit accounts. Remember to use your old accounts for a few months for marketing purposes.

I hope these tips help you get the most out of Reddit. Windows 10 users may want to check out these Reddit apps.

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