▷ How do we achieve an effective email marketing strategy?

Email Marketing is a Favorite acquisition channel by companies in all sectors. In B2B as in B2C, the ROI for a well-designed email strategy is often positive. Simple in appearance, email marketing requires real business strategic And the Employment. The objective, the tone to follow, the call to action, targeting are all elements to consider before launching a campaign…

What is email marketing?

with digital transformationCommunication technologies have changed profoundly. If, a few years ago, email marketing took an aspect of the tool used to deal largely with targeted contacts in one form or another, today it is something else entirely.

In fact, with the GDPR, sending an email responds to new restrictionsincluding in particular the consent and cancellation of the free subscription. This logically led to new issuessuch as better targeting its recipients and paying special attention to the content being distributed.

The goals evolved and became clearer. Today, an email campaign can respond to many issues:

  • buy a product
  • Download brochure
  • reputation;
  • Suspension ;
  • branding;
  • etc.

Understand your potential customers

To effectively target recipients, you need to start with To understand. Keep in mind that we are all subject to a multitude of information and requests of all kinds. Why is your email likely to interest potential customers the most? He knows their interestsAnd the their behaviorHow did they know you could answer? As Lasswell’s model said: Who says what, to whom, with what influences, and through what channel?

For a standard form, it is possible to set it up Dignitaries. In marketing, this often makes it possible to direct communication actions in order to consider Main Features of the target we are addressing. We can include a whole range of information: type of company, sector of activity, their needs, consumer habits, Internet browsing preferences, etc.

Then the process can be set up lead scoring To prioritize potential conversions, based on predefined goals. Finally, once you have identified your leads well, you can define your lead nurturing strategy, allowing you to bring the right content to your various segments. In this way, the entire email campaign is integrated into a file content management more global.

A/B Testing: Basic Method

Email Strategy

There are several ways to prepare a file A/B . test. By comparing multiple submissions for the same email, you will be able to compare multiple submissions king To improve your upcoming campaigns. A/B testing can be performed on:

  • Send time
  • enamel shape;
  • calls to action;
  • Colors ;
  • the object;
  • hooks
  • etc.

You are free to configure your shipments According to the data that seems most relevant to you to gain first. For example, sending the same email early in the morning and late at night allows you to compare open rates, edit site and call-to-action text to compare click-through rate, and write different items to analyze if your target is more sensitive to a question, an invitation, Long or short hook, etc.

It is clear that it is better to specify, the upstream, Objectives To monitor the progress of these tests. Then, it will be up to the marketing team to analyze all the findings to develop reports and recommendations for action. This in particular is a task that can fall on the shoulders of a data scientist, a data specialist.

Strategically divide your shipments

In order to achieve success in your email marketing strategy, fragmentation Your database is an important key. The goal is to provide targeted content to your potential customers to maximize your conversion rate.

Retail standards fluctuate Depending on the nature of your business : B2B or B2C. In the first case, it may be interesting to pay attention to the types of companies in which your prospects work and their sector of activity, as well as their function. In fact, the human resource manager and the marketing manager will not necessarily be sensitive to the same type of information.

In the same logic, the Content rating It can also become a part. For example, if you are a global communications agency, why not target your communications according to your different disciplines (search marketing, design thinking, employer branding, etc.)?

What tool to choose for successful email marketing?

In the email marketing market, there are many high-quality professional tools. It is difficult to discern the best among leaders, it is best to identify and test solutions to determine the best solution for your needs. Note that rates may vary depending on the number of emails sent or the number of contacts in your lists.

However, we can cite several tools that have proven their value:

  • Melchimp
  • send
  • Jet mail.
  • Sarpakan.

What if you went above and beyond to build your own email strategies?

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