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  • Two pioneers open the market for natural and curly hair products for black women

  • Little girls on top of a better future!

  • Fifteen young African entrepreneurs will put their talents at the service of the continent

Supporting organizations and business owners in building an influential brand

Taïna Jecrois has extensive experience in planning, project management, talent management, event design as well as in the field of
Retail and Visual Marketing.

Businesses run by women have experienced significant growth in recent years. However, they still face many obstacles including access to funding, lack of clarity and recognition. Taïna Jecrois founded the digital marketing agency FACADE with the goal of helping organizations and business owners achieve their goals, increase brand awareness and improve their social media presence.

Collaborating with entrepreneurs for many years, Taïna Jecrois has noted that many of them wear many hats in their business and that a lack of time, knowledge and experience can sometimes reduce the energy and investment needed to position their company well in the market.

Every organization has unique needs and living experiences, and in some cases is not necessarily equipped to meet all of those needs.

A successful marketing strategy takes time and experience, and we know that female entrepreneurs have limited time. Our team takes a unique approach and develops a customized strategy for each of our clients to help them stand out. Taïna Jecrois, president and founder of FACADE, noted.

Building commitment to create relationships

FACADE relies on the creativity of its team to provide services such as digital content creation, social media management and brand activation. They provide solutions and develop strategies that establish a strong online presence and build an active community. Its clients include companies in the retail, fashion and lifestyle industries.


Specializing in content creation and social media management, the company provides support and advice to founders and business owners on their marketing strategies and social media growth.

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