Plessis Belleville. Three days after giving birth in the library, at home, Cihan tells

by Frederic Normand, Fabrice Alves Teixeira

On Saturday, July 2, Jehanne Roche, 25, returned to the Plessis-Belleville Municipal Library. In other words, three days ago, she gave birth to her second child, Khaiden. An opportunity for the mother to remember this amazing birth. “After driving my three-year-old daughter Kinhaza to her nanny, I went to the municipal library where my mother Annette works. Jihan explains. It was just after nine o’clock. But, very quickly, I sensed that something was wrong. I felt fluid run between my legs… blood and then water. I understood that I was giving birth.

“I suffered a lot”

Celia, the librarian, immediately calls the firefighters who tell her what to do. Jihan should lie on her side on the floor. A fan and pillows provide some comfort. A quarter of an hour later, Saint-Souplet (Seine-et-Marne) firefighters arrived at the site, joined by SAMU, SMUR and municipal police. The firefighters thought to transport the mother in their ambulance. But they have finally changed their minds and the delivery is taking place in the digital space of the library. “I have never faintedJihan continues. But I suffered a lot. I gave birth to my baby without any anaesthesia even though I was planning to have an epidural in the maternity ward in Mo (Seine-et-Marne) where I was going to deliver my baby…the firefighters were very kind to me. While one of them was supporting my head, two others lifted my legs. The midwife had a problem…she asked me to sit on the floor and then run on all fours. But I couldn’t.”

Finally, the baby came out. Her small cries allowed Celia and Annette to understand that Jihan had just given birth. “At some point, everything escapes us”, He gets to know Annette. After Khaiden’s birth, Jihan was taken with her baby to Mo Hospital. Examinations of the mother and the baby show that everything is fine. So much so, that Jihan and her baby were able to leave the maternity ward at noon Friday, two days after giving birth.

“I would like to thank Celia and mom for their responseJihan concludes. Not to forget the emergency services and municipal police.

See photos taken in the library on the day of the birth and followed by Jihan and her baby:

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