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Hopscotch PR

Autohero, an online website for selling repaired, refurbished and guaranteed used cars Hopscotch PR Managing its public relations. The (re)boot team of Hopscotch PR agency will be tasked with establishing Autohero’s footprint in the French market, implementing an impactful PR communications strategy in a demanding sector. It will support the Communication Department in France and Europe in enhancing its attractiveness and talents.

Ogilvy Paris

After a call for bids against 4 agencies, Ogilvy Paris Point.P’s social media strategy wins. The agency’s mission is to support Point.P in the full management of their social networks (advice, content creation, community management and paid campaign management).

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nice place

The jewelry brand chose Agatha, after a competition in which four agencies participated and organized by Pitchichi nice place To support her in her new communication strategy. The agency is responsible for building the new platform of the famous brand as well as its dissemination in the media, in its points of sale and in digital, including social networks.

Accenture Song

The choice fell on Label Emmaüs, a solidarity flea market, and a member of Emmaüs France Accenture Song (formerly Accenture Interactive) to create a communication campaign that reflects the unique model of this collaborative organization. Titled “Solidarity Campaign,” this innovative campaign uses a new type of brand donation: impressions.


Mozo, specializing in advertising and brand content on mobile, social networks and new digital areas, anticipate a series of mobile ads for Back Market, the alternative to consuming new electronic devices. Objective: To promote the Back Market app in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and the United States.

Thomas Marco & Co

IBSA Pharma, a French subsidiary of the Swiss-based IBSA pharmaceutical group, brings together the health, medical and wellbeing expertise of its Thomas Marco & Co (Venice Group), Communications and Influence Consultant, to support her in the launch of her new range of nutritional supplements based on FilmTec IBSA technology.


public relations agency group Oxygen It wins new budgets for the Food and Tourism divisions. Among the most recent signed “food” references, the agency counts the frozen food brand Findus, but also Accro, which specializes in 100% vegetarian alternatives to meat, oysters Marennes d’Oléron or AOPn Fraises de France (Association of National Producers Organizations) it supports in their relationships journalistic. In the “Escape” section, the agency welcomes Wave Island theme park and renews its collaboration with Animaparc to spread its PR and influence system, as well as Mer de Sable, the oldest operating theme park in France. , on the side press only. Finally, the “Tourism” section is also enriched with great references such as the travel sales website Evaneos or the Moroccan National Tourist Office, which recalls the agency’s expertise in public relations and events.


Air France Pledge – KLM isobas, “Creative Experience” agency of the dentsu group, creation of the website for the CSR Report. This digital version aims to provide users with improved access to the topics of their choice and a more modern interface while creating a link between the different aspects of the group’s strategy in terms of environmental and societal responsibility, making it possible to realize all in a glimpse.

Monet + Partners

Monet + Partners win over New reference: On “Food”: Pitaya, a Thai street food brand. Established in 2010 with the first restaurant in Bordeaux, Pitaya now has approximately 142 restaurants open in France. M+A’s mission is to participate in the development and influence of the brand while Pitaya plans to open an additional 180 restaurants in France by 2025. Monet + Associés is also responsible for media relations for the launch of Pitaya Group’s first short food, Monkey Market, which will open on June 30 in Paris La Defense.


The number one luxury chocolate brand in Japan and present in the archipelago for 50 years, the Belgian brand Godiva has chosen dusk To innovate and update to display in the Japanese “gift” market. The Branding Agency has helped the brand develop various supports to celebrate half a century of presence in the Land of the Rising Sun. The agency initially designed a graphic charter specifically for this anniversary with a customizable design logo for the different groups. Crépuscule and Godiva also collaborated to create a special collection of “Kansha” with famous designer Klaus Haapaniemi. Cette création unique célèbre les 50 ans de la marque avec des éléments emblématiques du Japon et de la Belgique, comme l’Atomium, symbole incontournable de Bruxelles, le pont Nihonbashi et le fameux « Pink van » que la marque seconde lor de sut World War. Crépuscule has also designed various gift boxes but also sets of ice cream as well as creating other POS and POS promotions.

YDCA / Harmonia Luxus

YDCA Agency and its Public Relations Entity, Harmonia LuxusWelcome to a new customer: ME Group (Photomaton, Revolution Laundry, Sempa and Resto’clock), which has a fleet of nearly 50,000 automated and connected vending machines. With its expertise in press relations and influence, the agency supports ME Group in distributing its new contacts, highlighting French innovation and presenting all its products.


After competition organized by Pitchville, Bien’ici pledges BtoC and BtoB communications budget to the independent agency Steve. Launched in December 2015, Bien’ici has become the third most consulted real estate portal by the French with the main aim of simplifying property searches. It is up to Steve to continue growing the brand. The first speech is expected in the fall.

Saatchi and Saatchi France

After several weeks of competition, Promod is confident Saatchi and Saatchi France to design its new 360 brand campaign. After more than 10 years without media coverage for Promod, Saatchi & Saatchi France’s mission is to orchestrate the big comeback of the brand with its 360 on and off campaign, identity, branded and featured, which brings a fresh look at Promod, In order to enhance the pride of belonging to loyal customers but also to seduce today’s thirties.


Trust Botanist, a brand of artisanal gin, at the agency Raymond To perform the last connection operation. The brand and its agency have given carte blanche to well-known and recognized talents (Chef Guillaume Sanchez, photographer Brice Portolano and mixologist Margot Anna Lecarpentier) during a sensory and immersive experience that celebrates the reconnection of wild nature, but above all the history and values ​​of the gin brand. The operation is inspired by the exploratory documentaries “I’m Going to Sleep Where You Are”.

hot wire

After consulting the agencies organized by the International Observatory in Paris, Lectra chose hot wire To define and implement a media relations and influencer strategy in Europe, the United States and China. A French company and a major player in the fashion, automotive and furniture markets worldwide, Lectra delivers artificial intelligence solutions – software, equipment, data and services – that facilitate the digital transformation of its customers.

Zmirov Communications

Durex launched the first platform dedicated to fun for everyone, SexHappiness, a concept imagined and implemented by Dentsu/Isobar. To advertise its platform, the brand pledges its activation press relations to the agency Zmirov Communications.

be amazing

Brand Agency be amazing He was tasked with creating a new strategy and brand identity for The Nice Company.

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