LinkedIn: A Professional Platform With Unlimited Possibilities

According to data from LinkedInPosts published in the morning have the best engagement rates. However, it is better to refuse to post content on weekends.

The posting schedule must cover a period of at least 7-14 days in advance. It is best to prepare all posts in advance.

LinkedIn Groups: A New Growth Strategy

The LinkedIn groups are one of the most effective ways to connect on social media. You can show your expertise, increase your visibility and also make new professional contacts.

You can create your own group or join existing groups. You can share relevant content, participate in discussions, or leave comments.

Create a LinkedIn Showcase

A showcase page is a way to tell your audience about a specific element of your business. The focus is on one thing: a core product or a specific initiative. With this presentation, you can expand your company’s presence on the network. You can address a small segment of your audience and expand your network of contacts.

Posts job offers and search for professionals

With the help of this social network, you can search for talented specialists by posting the corresponding offer. The scheme for creating a job offer is simple, so it will not be difficult to manage the publication.

Posting a job increases your reach because job seekers will click on your profile and go to the site.

Statistics analysis or “error correction”

By creating a business page and keeping it active, you will be able to analyze and study your audience’s preferences. LinkedIn Analytics allows you to see where your users are coming from, The reach of your posts and the origin of your audience. With the Companies to Track tool, you can compare your company’s performance to that of other companies.

It is important to work with analytical data. This will allow you to abandon methods that do not work and choose the most appropriate marketing strategy.


LinkedIn is the world’s largest business social network.. Any company can create their page on this platform. With it, you can manage your posts, create ads, post job offers and promote your products or services. LinkedIn offers a lot of job opportunities that anyone can take advantage of.

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