Imaweb confirms the electronic reputation of distributors

imaweb Emphasizes online reputation for distributors in the context of digitizing the customer journey. The software solutions publisher confirms this 92 % of consumers start their car buying journey on digital media. Thus the opinions left by customers are becoming more visible and are increasingly referenced. The digital brand image is therefore evolving with the continuous enrichment of feedback from consumers. Opinions and feedback found in many digital media, such as merchant websites, social networks, blogs, forums, large audience portals and search engines, including the essentials The Google.

essential step

According to the Google Customer Opinion Scale, the automotive business is on average Comments 170 customers on this individual channel. The most important structures even exceed 1 000 reviews According to this same study. The number of opinions submitted will also increase 28 % in one year. As imaweb points out 47 % From vehicle buyers discover new models online and that 37 % Deciding to buy online, especially after reading online reviews and reviews.

Keys by imaweb

To improve its online reputation, iMaup recalls some basic principles. The first step remains getting customer reviews and choosing an attractive medium and format. The fact of linking a file DMS into a customer review management platform that can help sort out and respond to negative feedback. However, the solution must come from the agent in order to find a positive result. In addition to comments, imaweb advises to take advantage of feedback that sets the mind of a potential customer. Finally, the distributor must consider all media on which the opinions appear to control the online reputation as a whole.

Use these notifications

As imaup points out, this digital reputation can be used internally to mobilize employees around service quality. A group process faberAs imaweb indicates. in home Capacity And the DujardinNotes are included in email signatures as a communication tool. Finally, an actor like mr cars It uses an artificial intelligence tool to transform feedback into consumer insights, which are passed on to marketing teams to better understand customer expectations.

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