Comparison of all-in-one platforms: or Kajabi.

If you are looking for an all-in-one platform, you have seen the number of options available. How do you choose? An all-in-one platform like Kajabi or Systeme io is a good idea. But it’s hard to find an all-in-one device that has advanced features for every feature. The last thing you want to do is build your business on an all-in-one platform that offers the features you need.

Kajabi and are complementary platforms, but which one is better?

Kajabi and What is it?

Systeme io is a simple, intuitive and affordable online business creation tool for anyone who wants to start their online business.” It is also a French tool that was originally developed for the French market. Its strength is simplicity and ease of use.

It is the ideal e-commerce solution for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and corporations who want to improve the customer experience.

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that makes it easy to start and grow a digital business. With Kajabi, you have a full suite of business tools. Not only does it offer multiple features, but it also goes in depth, giving you advanced functionality for each tool.

Compared to online courses and sales funnels, Kajabi and Systeme io position themselves as platforms where digital businesses can be created and developed.

Kajabi vs Prices and Subscriptions.

They offer three plans:

  • Basic ($149 per month if you pay monthly, $119 per month if you pay annually) with three pipelines and three products.
  • Growth ($199 per month if you pay monthly, $159 per month if you pay annually) with 15 products and 15 pipelines.
  • Pro ($319 per month if you pay monthly, $399 per month if you pay annually) with 100 products and 100 pipelines.

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They offer the following four pricing plans:

  • Free plan: It won’t cost you anything.
  • Startup cost: $27 per month and $228 per year.
  • Webinar cost: $47 per month and $396 per year.
  • Enterprise plan: $97 per month and $828 annually. offers many more features and more creative freedom at a lower price, but with a limited number of connections. or Kajabi: Comparison of Features. and Kajabi allow you to create, market and manage your business.

Kajabi is an excellent choice for podcasting. Promote your podcasts on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify, including show descriptions, scripts, and episode thumbnails on the main apps.

On the side, we prefer to talk about automated webinars. In fact, videos for webinars are integrated into marketing sequences, and the tool does not allow podcast production. and Kajabi allow you to create, market and manage mailing lists. Kajabi offers an experienced email creation feature with its drag and drop io system. This is because users who open your email will eventually see the n number email from the brand you want to promote.

With Systeme io, you can design effective emails so that the Internet user feels like they are being contacted directly!

  • Create a sales funnel

Both platforms offer click and drag functionality to build the funnel. But Kajabi places a lot of emphasis on design and finishing, which can waste a lot of time trying to get a perfect result, while Systeme io focuses on the basics and efficiency as before.

With Kajabi and, your conversion funnels instantly integrate with your email and website marketing. You still have to configure automated email sequences and segment your customer in order to send the right message to the right person.

Systeme io provides you with an intuitive and easy to use interface for creating tunnels and email sequences. Not easy to set up on kajabi

  • Affiliate Program Management

Creating an affiliate program yourself is one of the best ways to build customer loyalty and have more potential customers than you do. and Kajabi allow clients to run and manage their own affiliate programs, to attract more clients and revenue. marketplace gives you access to all members of the platform. In fact, your offer can reach experienced branches.

  • Create online courses

Creating online courses is one of the best ways to make money online on a regular basis. provides you with an easy-to-use editor to create your own courses. On the other hand, Kajabi offers features that you can use if the course is right for you.

In any case, to create your own course, you must add and upgrade a specific training program to the course to maximize the value of the Internet users who read you.

  • Website design and hosting

Kajabi and offer hosting services for your website, courses, blog and landing pages. Both offer you a free subdomain.

To use a custom domain, requires you to upgrade to a paid plan. On Kajabi, you can use custom domains with any plan.

Systeme io and Kajabi have good customer support. Both give you access to email support. Both offer a knowledge base that can answer your questions and help you build a successful platform business.

The levels of support are the same depending on the plan, but generally you will not need to support with your video training and usage plan.

In short, is the best all-in-one platform because it has advanced features and a better price than Kajabi. Also, user reviews are better than Kajabi.

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